Images courtesy Anthony New

Don’t fret, Outlaw 10.5 is most certainly alive and well.  Over the last few months, we’ve reported numerous new racers coming into the fold, in addition to current racers investing in new cars and engines to tighten up the competition.  Outlaw 10.5 is “hip” again, and we’re glad to see it.

Anthony New, a self-employed Masonry owner from Lincoln, AL has a sharp new (to him) Fox body Mustang that is receiving the finishing touches at his shop before being placed on active duty. The Mustang was originally built by Zartech Race Cars in 2000 for Terry Woodson and had seen very little track time before Anthony acquired it from a racer in Las Vegas.  It features a 25.2 chassis, with Santhuff struts, shocks, and four-link, along with several components from Vanishing Point Race Cars.  All of the tin work and wheel tubs were completed by Jim Lawson at Venomous Motorsports.

The car will utilized the same Proline-prepared bullet from New’s former Outlaw 10.5 ride, a similar ’88 Mustang LX – 540 cubic inches of Big Block Chevrolet with BB2 Brodix cylinder heads fed by twin 94mm Garrett Pro Mod hairdryers out in front. It will also feature a new methanol MFI Pro fuel injection system from Alan Dudley. Power will transfer through a Neal Chance/Coan two-speed Powerglide tranny.  New also uses an RPM Data Logger in the car.

“Whats taken me so long to get this new car together is sponsorship; trying to get people to come onboard with me and do something,” said Anthony. New intends to continue on the always tough ORSCA trail this season, where he’s been racing rather competitively for the last three seasons. He’s previously dipped into the 4.40’s with the old car, and hopes to pick up the pace even more with his new mount. “I went 4.40’s with my other car, and it was a 25.5 and it wasn’t anywhere near the chassis that I’ve got now.  It should go 4.30’s pretty easy.”