AMS Alpha G Becomes First GT-R To Goes 6s

They did it, it’s finally happened. A Nissan GT-R broke into the 6 second zone at this year’s TX2K17 on March 18th, 2017 at the Royal Purple Raceway. We knew this was bound to happen, in fact, we wrote about the battle between the different GT-Rs this year attempting to break into the six second zone. Prior to this, the quickest GT-R in the world belonged to English Racing with their insane 7.01-second pass, but nobody had broken into the 6’s just yet.


That all changed today of course at the Royal Purple Raceway when Gidi Chamdi drove the AMS Alpha G across the line with a record setting 6.937 at 196mph pass. “Let’s see it, let’s see it! What’s it gonna be? What’s it gonna be?” said the announcer, but after seeing the speed of 196.27 MPH, he assumed that they were down on power and expected the car to be in the 7-second range. “Awe he was down on power, seven…SIX NINETY THREE!” which is then drowned out by screaming from the crowd as they welcome the first Nissan GT-R into the six second club.


The Alpha G R35 GT-R has been playing with the low 7’s for a while now, and with this new record AMS is now the first in the 9’s, 8’s, 7’s & 6’s! Impressively Gidi and the Alpha team have been struggling with engine issues all week, and this was the third engine they’ve moved to prior to hitting this record setting 6-second pass! SpeedVideo was there to capture the whole thing, and there is still another day of racing on the table. Are we going to see another record set? Make sure you tune in for all the action, FREE at SpeedVideo.

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