Edge Announces Insight Data Logger With Extra Smarts

If there’s one tool every performance enthusiast needs, it’s a data logger to help monitor their vehicles performance, and engine characteristics. That’s why Edge Products has launched their new Insight data logging system. It gives owners access to real time telemetry on engine performance such as temperatures, pressures, and speed. 

Official Release:

Edge Announces New Data Logging and Smarty On-Demand Features

Edge is excited to announce the latest software version for the CS and CTS platform.  Now available through Edge’s Fusion internet update tool, the advanced software adds amazing new data logging features that will allow customers to log and graph data to monitor and manage their vehicle’s performance. The all-new software will also enable an Insight CS and CTS product to control Smarty’s Power-On-Demand feature. Insight CS and CTS customers will now also have the ability to control Smarty Power-On-Demand with the touch of a button.

Edge’s data logging software allows CS and CTS users to fine tune their runs on the track, prolong the life of a tow vehicle by identifying “out of range” parameters, and manage multiple factors to ensure safety and performance are optimized. The CS/CTS data logging feature will display and record data to help drivers identify the “sweet spots” as well as pinpoint potential problems with a vehicle or driving patterns. 

Shaving a few tenths of a second off a quarter mile time or running a few degrees cooler makes an impact on customer’s wallets, and the overall lifespan of a vehicle.  Edge Products’ data logging feature delivers a comprehensive, accurate, real-time picture of a vehicle’s condition, including but not limited to temperatures, pressures, and speed.  Users will now be able to store up to ten unique logs at one time, record hours of data, graph logs, and customize the screen layout.

Smarty owners can now monitor vital engine statistics with the Insight monitor.  The Edge Insight beats any analog gauge system, or other digital monitors, hands down when it comes to features, monitoring, and maintenance. With the new software update, Smarty users can control their Power-On-Demand from the Insight touch screen or button interface.  Users can connect the Insight to their OBDII (diagnostic) port and control the Smarty Power-on-Demand tuning that is loaded into their truck’s computer. This exciting update is a clear indicator that Edge strives to provide industry-leading monitoring and functionality to deliver the control that drivers demand.


  • Easy to use
  • Prolongs life of vehicle
  • Allows fine tuning



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