‘What A Ride!’ Moits Racing Mustang Goes For Another Wild Excursion

moits1Last week, we shared with you news of the return of the now-world famous Moits Racing Ford Mustang and its brave pilot and occasional passenger, Paul Mouhayet, after a devastating tire explosion in November that took out much of the rear section of the record-holding race car.

With the five-second, Proline-powered, twin-turbo Mustang repaired and repainted in a fresh new sinister, all-black paint scheme, the team headed for the Sydney Dragway over the weekend for their official re-debut at the annual Sydney Jamboree, where they entered in the Outlaw Extreme class with their 250+ MPH machine that runs on a set of 10.5W tires.

And there, no sooner than the team got a handle on the combination to start putting together full hits did the Mustang attempt to K.O. itself once again, when the parachutes failed to deploy properly, sending it careening across the centerline in the shutdown area as over 200 MPH. 

Like the fateful run in which the tire exploded at the close of a 244 MPH lap, only the incredible driving prowess and instinctual nature of Mouhayet saved the car from imminent destruction. According to the team, the parachutes only partially blossomed over the 1,000-foot shutoff run, doing so in a manner that abruptly tugged the car across the lanes, nearly striking the left lane guard wall. 

But Mouhayet’s wild ride wasn’t finished there, as after he regained control from the initial move, the sand trap was growing ever larger through his windshield. 


Not wanting to damage the bodywork and paint the team had just spent four months on by plowing the car into the sand, Mouhayet channeled his inner drift racer and spun the Mustang a complete 180 degrees without striking a thing. His comments when the car came to a stop are certainly NSFW, but are at the same time appropriately called-for, given the situation.

It’s worth mentioning that Mouhayet and company were the class winners and outright quickest car at the event, with a lap in the six-teens at 232 MPH. And if there were a drift award, they’d probably have had that one in the bag, as well.

And the best Facebook comment to the video of all? “Do they clink when he walks?” 

We’re guessing yes.

Video and photo courtesy Moits Racing

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