Florida’s Lakeland Dragstrip hosts the Fall Brawl in the Jungle this weekend, featuring exciting action in the Unlimited Doorslammers, X275, All Motor Stick Shift, and the 6.50 and 7.50 Index classes. Dragzine will be in Lakeland bringing you all the news, notes, and photos from this late-season heads-up showcase!

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We are here for the first time covering this event at Stingray Dragway in Lakeland. The weather is a bit warmer than recent days with cloud cover moving in in what's shaping up to be a great evening of racing.

Anthony Heard (left) and his son Joshua are racing the Stick Shift class today. Anthony runs a 349 cubic inch small block Ford with Twisted Wedge heads, a T65 trans with a RAM clutch. He's been running this combo for about 3 months with a best ET of 6.19 @ 111. Engine machine work was done by J. R. Competition Engines with assembly by the car owner. Joshua's car runs a stock bottom end 302 with Twisted Wedge heads and a T-5 trans in his daily driven Mustang.

Charles Davis is based in Sanford, Florida with this GT Mustang. He runs a Ford Motorsports 392 cubic inch crate motor using the X303 heads ported by Chris Starnes, a McCloud hydraulic adjustable clutch and a gated Richmond 5 speed.

The 6.50 index class allows fully tubbed or backhalf cars in the class which can make for some interesting rides in competition.

Eugene Rodriguez made the ride over after his X275 win last night at Showtime Dragstrip. He runs a Scotty's Racing Technology engine with Induction Solutions nitrous.


Troy Pirez has number one so far in X275 with a 5.03 at 147 MPH with seven cars making runs in the first of three sessions.

This hard launching Camaro is owned driven by Patrick Patterson and is number one in Unlimited Doorslammer with a 5.03 at 140.



Anthony Heard earned top spot in the Modify My Stang Small Block Stick Shift class with a 6.32 @ 110.


Number two qualifier David Hill launched well in the third session putting up a 6.35 at 107 in the TRZ Sponsored entry. The car is an NMRA Pure Street legal ride with a little 310 cubic inch Ford.


Patrick Patterson was able to keep his spot with his first attempt 5.03 at 140 MPH run. He got loose and headed for the centerline just after this launch in the final session.

Lil Bull launched hard in the third session running a 5.69 at 125 with his blown Camaro convertible out of Orlando, Florida.


Troy Pirez Sr. bumped Rodriguez to second position running a 4.99 at 147 after a long wheelstand in the second session.


Another hard launching car belongs to Glen Adams. He sits fourth in X275 with a 5.26 at 139 MPH.


Todd Brasch (Orange Cobra) and Brian Kell both had singles in round one of Stick Shift with Todd having his best run of the night 7.44 at 93. He is running his stock engine Cobra to support the class for TRZ Motorsports. David Hill had low ET for the round with a 6.36 at 107


X275 racer Walt Drakeford had some sparks and smoke going through the lights in round one. He just made the turn but damaged the front bumper and has oil under the car and will not make round two giving Rodriguez a single in the next round.

Glenn Adams yanked the wheels again in his match with Rickie Paulk with both cars pedaling down track. Adams was able to keep in the gas longer taking the win with a 5.32 at 137.

Ralph Stenger had low ET in Unlimited Doorslammer with a 5.37 with several of the other cars having trouble getting clean runs in this round.


Patterson had a round one single and again launched hard right. It looks like some suspension components may be broken on the car so they are a maybe for round two.



David Hill got the win over Todd Brasch from TRZ Motorsports and Anthony Heard took out Brian Bell. Hill will have lane choice in the final with a 6.39 to Heard's 6.57 this round.

The X275 final will be Troy Pirez Sr. vs. Eugene Rodriguez with the latter getting lane choice after running a 5.05 at 140 on the opponent broke bye. Pirez put up a 5.14 at 146 over Glenn Adams who had trouble early and slowed to a 7.63 at 76 MPH.

Gene Kerr got the round win over Dylan Voss with both cars having trouble getting down. Stenger will have lane choice in his Corvette after running a 5.62 at 113.


Modify My Stang Stick Shift winner Anthony Heard ran his best of the day 6.25 at 110 in the final to get around David Hill's 6.41 at 106 MPH run after a .005 advantage on the tree.


Ralph Stenger put his Corvette in the winner circle or Unlimited Door Slammer running a 5.69 at 99 MPH over Gene Kerr's foul start 5.36 at 121 MPH.

X275 winner Eugene Rodriguez was determined to get by Pirez in the final despite a loss of traction early and running over the dots in the MSD ignition shooting flames out the pipes. Pirez red lit but neither racer saw the lights. This makes two in a row for Rodriguez after his win last night at Showtime Dragstrip. Pro Fab Performance, Category 5 Race Cars, Steffy Racing Fabrication, Scotty's Racing Technology, Induction Solutions, Devane Carburators.

6.50 Index winner Troy Pirez Jr. put the Kirt Sanders owned Stang in the winner circle again here at Stingray Dragway in Lakeland. PTC Converters, Fast Forward Race Engines.


Mr. 7.50 Matt Cummings took home the trophy and the $$ tonight in 7.50 Index.

Beat the Heat winner Bill Lee Jr.


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