NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl Same Day Coverage From Joliet


It’s championship Sunday here at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl. Today is going to be packed end to end with some amazing racing!

Billy Harper was able to get the win in round one and the team is looking for more according to crew chief Dennis Radford. “We played it safe in round 1 with the tune up and wanted to go A to B. This next round we have Jason Hamstra and he is a good racer, so we will need to step it up. The car should be able to go a low .80 or high .70 and that’s what it will take to win this weekend.”

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Xtreme Pro Mod racer Dave Romer picked up the win but had a very long night to prepare for Sunday. “We have the chassis working great but having issues with the engine. We spent all night working on the motor to get it ready to make good runs today. The tuneup is the key for us to do better, our tune from Atlanta was great, but now it’s working great.”


Dywane Barbaree purchased Daniel Pharris’ old Radial Wars car to run in Street Outlaw this season in the NMRA and is still working on getting a handle on it. “The car has only been out twice and has been doing well, but has a lot of power left in it. For today the track is going to be warmer, so we want to just go A to B all day and get to the finals again.”


NMCA Pro Stock racer Kevin Lawrence’s crew chief Adam Drzayich has been working his magic to get his Chevy running in top shape going into Sunday. “In the first round we got some valvetrain issues fixed that were causing us to not be able to make a full pass. It kept shearing pushrods off and that was making the motor just not run right. Last night in round one we ran it to the 1,000 foot mark and it worked well. The weather is going to be a bit worse today with the heat so the car will run slower.”

Jeff Rudolf is going to try and pick up some round wins in Nitrous Pro Street and secure a better spot in the points standings. “We were going to try some stuff out and make a full run last night but had an issue during the purge that caused it to stop halfway through. It looks like it blew a fuse and caused issues with the nitrous. We replaced the switch and replaced the fuse with a bigger one now. Today we’re going to go with a very safe tune just to get down the track in round two today.”

David Barton is here this weekend making laps in Factory Super Car trying to help the COPO Parts Direct team get their cars sorted out.

Number three qualifier Steve Summers was working towards getting the win at his home track when things went wrong in round two. As Summers was trying to stage his Camaro the car bumped through the beams giving the win to Larry Higginbotham.

Scott Libersher continues his march towards the NMCA Factory Super Car this weekend. He’s still working on trying sort out the bugs in his new 2017 COPO but was able to pick up the win in round two with a 8.40 pass.

Nitrous Pro Street racer Jeff Rodolf was able to overcome his issues he had in round one and picked up the win in round two with a stout 7.30 pass, backing up his number one 7.29 qualifying effort from Friday.



Isaac Preston pulled off what could be the biggest upset of the weekend so far in Radial Wars. During his first round matchup with Dwayne Mills, Preston was able to capitalize on Mills striking the tires by going A to B and even pulled off a big wheelstand to boot.

Rob Goss put up a 4.73 at 162 in round two against Andrew Demarco, who spun the tires at the hit, putting an end to his weekend and putting Goss as the lone non-Ford left in Street Outlaw. With that, he will represent the NMCA in the Super Bowl Race this evening.

Manny Buginga just touched the bars in a wheelstand forcing him to work the throttle one time on a single in round two, scoring a 4.17 at 161 mph in Street Outlaw.

A very close race with Scotty Guiler and Bill Trovato, with Guiler taking the win running a 4.86 at 150 to Trovato’s 4.90 at 147.

Bart Tobener takes a loss to Cameron Massengale’s 2001 Corvette with both racers making clean passes this afternoon in Xtreme Street. Tobener had a transmission lock up yesterday and was able to make repairs and continue in competition today.

Haley James Schnieder ran a 7.77 after taking a big reaction time advantage over Joe Guertin to earn a berth in round three. There, she has a bye to the final, as well, where she will face the winner of Annuziata and Kauderer in Coyote Modified.

In NA 10.5 David Theisen made a nice 7.93 at 173 with his Uratchko Racing Engines powered Firebird pass to earn the win over number two qualifier Don Baskin.

TJ Strange was paired with Frank Hoffman and took an early lead, crossing the stripe way out front with an 8.31 to earn the win.

Glen Pushis came up short in his match with Haley Rounsavall (right) running a 10.40 to Rounsavall's 10.23. Haley will meet Jesse Wilson in the final.

In Coyote Stock Charlie Booze Jr., put one on Tim Matherly (far lane), scoring the win with a 10.22 on the hot surface to Matherly’s 10.38.

Clair Stewart earned a holeshot win in a super tight match with Jacob Lamb. A 10.287 gets the win over Lamb’s quicker 10.273.

Final Results

Cal Hayward won NMRA QA1 True Street, resetting his own record with a 7.489 average and with a 7.37 as his best run of the three. He won a No Prep event at US 131 against Bryant Goldstone’s Drag Week AMC Javelin on Wednesday and set up the car up for racing here this weekend. Cal runs Bullseye 83 mm turbos feeding a Baker Engineering-built engine tuned by Errol at TPS. “Special thanks to my crew, Brittany, my daughter Chelsea and Kevin Daley and his son for all the help,” Cal noted.

Number two and nine qualifiers in Pro Mod met in the final, with Billy Banaka taking the win from the ninth position in VP Racing Fuels Pro Mod after Jason Hamstra was unable to fire the car. A tough break for Team Hamstra after a good performance this weekend running a string of 3.80's in eliminations.

Holley EFI Factory Super Car had a COPO vs Cobra Jet final, with a holeshot win going to Scott Libersher (far lane) with a .048 reaction over Chuck Watson, Sr.

Kevin Lawrence had a huge weekend in the NMCA Pro Stock class. First, Lawrence won the delayed final round from the NMCA Bowling Green race, then he was able to qualify number one for the Super Bowl and won the event.

Jill Hicks and Jeff Rudolf met in the NPS final. Hicks went up in tire smoke at the hit with Rudolf dead late on the tree and drove around Hicks, who was unable to recover quick enough to stay in front to earn the win in Nitrous Pro Street.

Mickey Thompson Radial Wars has an all-Kentucky final with Marty Stinnett and Issac Preston. Stinnett took an early lead on the tree, holding on to a 3.97 at 194 at to Preston’s 4.07.

Manny Buginga had a little trouble with the car stalling in the burnout box but got the car fired, completed his burnout and staged the car against Rob Goss. Goss lit the tires at the hit and Buginga rode a wheelie out and hazed the tires a bit on his way to victory in the Street outlaw final with a 4.51 at 167. Goss will have a chance to redeem himself in the Super Bowl later tonight, but the class win goes to Buginga’s Mustang today.

Edelbrock Xtreme Street had Cameron Massengale and Jesse Coulter in an all-Chevy final. They went side-by-side to the stripe, with Coulter (far lane) nabbing the win in the RC Components Camaro with a 4.473 at 151 and .039 reaction to .035 for Massengale, who ran a 4.77.

G Force Transmissions Coyote Stock had Charlie Booze, Jr. paired with Drew Lyons in the final. Lyons went red, pushing the tree as he knew he must to get by Booze.

The SDPC Chevy Performance Stock finale pit number one and two qualifiers together in the final round, with Haley Rounsavall and Jesse Wilson facing off. Just two thousandths of a second seperated them at the launch with Rounsavall slowing to an 11.37 and Wilson running a bracket-like 10.15 at 128 to earn the class win.

In the ProCharger Coyote Modified final, Haley James-Schnieder faced off against Annunziata in the Peoples Home Loans Cobra Jet. Annunziata took the win with a 7.81 at 175, as James-Schnieder fell off to an 8.30 after a staging battle with James.

The Edelbrock Renegade final had number two and three qualifiers Alton Clements and Tony Hobson matched up, with Clements having lane choice. The Lake St. Louis-based Hobson had the better reaction time, scoring an .054 to Clements’ .070, but wasn’t able to stay in front, running a 7.68 at 182 to Clements’ winning 7.51 at 183 mph run.

Bonifante Racing NA 10.5 had Leonard Long facing off against David Theisen, who was unable to hook the car up, giving Long the go-ahead win as he went right down Broadway for the win.

Holley EFI Factory Stock had number two qualifier Matt Amrine facing off against Dan Ryntz, who qualified fourth, in the final round. Amrine got away first with a .063 to Ryntz’ .075 and Amrine stayed out front, running a 10.85, letting out early to 113 mph, with Ryntz running a, 11.10 at 122.

Super Bowl Results

From left to right: Tommy Annunziata (far lane) and Marty Stinnett, Jesse Coulter and Tony Hobson (near lane) and Leonard Long and David Theisen (far lane).

The NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl match is a great time for the racers and fans as well as a chance to earn a little extra money and bragging rights for a year. Ford Muscle versus Nostalgia Muscle Car were paired in the Super Bowl tonight with NMRA leading the overall series eight to three. Andy Warren and Bryan Parker were matched up with Parker having the head start over Warren, with Warren taking the win on reaction time and thus scoring a point for NMCA. Next up was Susan McClenaghan out of Levonia, Michigan for Jack Roush’s Team Amerigas against Doug Duell in his wheelstanding Plymouth Fury wagon. Duell took the win on his 9.50 index running a 9.60 and scoring another one for NMCA. Gordon Harlow paired with Daryl Bureski in his 1970 Oldsmobile convertible and scored another point for NMCA in a double break out match.

Bob Dill, Ford Truck and Lightning Winner.

Up next was Truck and Lightning racer Bob Dill versus Factory Super Car racer Scott Libersher. The truck got a small head start, to no avail, as Libersher scores yet another point to team NMCA. NMRA True Street winner Cal Hayward matched with NMCA True Street winner Kevin McCotter who won NMCA Gear Vendors True street with a 9.95 average. Cal had a long wait at the line with the faster of the two cars but he managed to pull it out, running a 7.24 personal best. Jeff Rudolf is representing NMCA with his Nitrous Pro Street Nova against Lexington, Illinois’ Marvin Knack with a very long four-second head start going to the Mustang, representing Super Stang this weekend. Knack would take the win over Rudolf with an 11.82 to Rudolf’s 7.77, which was off pace from his earlier 7.20’s on seven cylinders, no water and a cracked block, making it four to three.

Alton Clements pictured right, with Rob Goss (near lane and Manny Buginga.

Leonard Long from NA 10.5 would face off with Matt Amrine who took the win over Long, running a 10.55, tying the the score up at four each. Dart Pro Stock racer Kevin Lawrence was paired with Alton Clements’ Vortech Supercharged Mustang in the ninth pair down in the Super Bowl. Clements scored the point for NMRA putting them back up one point with a 7.46 at 184. Xtreme Street racer Jesse Coulter faced off with Tony Hobson from Renegade tying the match back up at five each with a 4.72 at 151. NMRA racer Charlie Cooper was up next in a radial versus big tire car match. Representing the NMCA side is Pro Mod winner with Billy Banaka, dialed a 3.89 to Cooper’s 4.44, with Cooper taking the win. Next up was Coyote Modified racer Tommy Annunziata versu Marty Stinnett, Mickey Thompson Radial Wars winner. Stinnet’s index was a 3.90 to Annunziata’s 5.00 with Stinnett likely set to run better than that considering the conditions. He didn’t quite get there with a 3.94 to Annunziata’s 5.02 moving the NMRA up five to seven. Next was the Street Outlaw final round rematch with Rob Goss and Manny Buginga with a 4.41 and 4.38 on the boards and no break out rule in effect. Buginga took the win running a 4.36 earning the win for NMRA.

Charlie Booze Jr (at right) and Andy Warren.


The final pairing was a double points match but the NMRA has already locked up the win thanks to Buginga’s stellar run. Charlie Booze Jr faced off with Jesse Wilson running side by side with no break out earning the win with a 10.20 at 129 to 10.30 at 125 for Wilson.

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