May 1st Outlaw Street Car Shootout – Cecil County Dragway


May Cecil County Outlaw Streetcar Shootout

May Outlaw Streetcar Shootout

Cecil County in Rising Sun Maryland hosts the Outlaw Street Car Shootout sponsored by Finishline Performance every first Saturday of the month starting in April and running through November. The second race of the season was a hot one!  The weather was beautiful and the stands were packed to see big hitters such as Chuck Ulsch, Mo Hall, Larry Wood, Chris Evans, and Joe Newsham to name a few were out trying to make it to the winner’s circle in the second race of the season.

Some controversy surrounded the Outlaw 10.5 class with some new rules changes. Straight from the track owner Jim Halsey as posted on Yellow Bullet. Effective immediately the following rule revisions will be in place in an effort to bring parity to the class and to maintain a competitive class for fans to enjoy:

1. “C” rotor screw blowers maximum overdrive 88% and maximum engine size 530ci.
2. “D” rotor screw blowers maximum overdrive 125% and maximum engine size 530ci.
3. All BB nitrous cars minimum weight 5.00 inch bore and under 2700lbs. 5.20 and bigger 2800lbs.

This has been somewhat of a hot topic with the Outlaw 10.5 racers and Chuck Ulsch has been far ahead of the other competitors qualifying with a 4.21 at the April Streetcar Shootout. With that being said and the new rule change Chuck Ulsch on his first qualifying attempt blew his belt on the screw blown Camaro. Was the pulley change something that effected the Ulsch Camaro?

Tom Kasper

Tom Kasper Outlaw 10.5 Mustang

Outlaw 10.5

Outlaw 10.5 had a great showing here at the May race with 15 cars vying to make the 8 car field. The twin turbo Mustangs of T.J and Tom Kasper had number 1 & 2 locked up with a 4.430 @182 and a 4.432 @ 176 respectively. Joe Schroeder qualified #3 with a 4.454 @170, Scott Guadgano #4 with a 4.471 @163, Bill Mitchell #5 with a 4.482 @175, John Cheman #6 with a 4.571 @167, Mo Hall #7 with a 4.585 @162, and Joe Newsham rounded out the field with a 4.596 @171. After not making the field the first event, it is nice to see Jersey Joe start to see some good results in his Camaro. A big story in Outlaw 10.5 is that Chuck Ulsch who dominated the field at the first event didn’t make the cut at this month’s Streetcar Shootout.

The first pair up in round 1 had Joe Schroeder taking out John Cheman.  Cheman hit the 1/8th mile marker cone and was disqualified. The second pair up had Scotty Guadagno taking out Bill Mitchell with a 4.48 @165 to Mitchell’s losing 6.92 @71. Mitchell did a big wheelie and had to lift while Guadagno cruised nice and straight for the win. The next pair up had Larry Wood losing out to the Kid T.J. Kasper with a 4.53 @ 170 to Kasper’s 4.47 @176. Mo Hall and Tom Kasper were up next with Kasper taking the win with a 4.44 @ 174. Kasper turned it up on this pass and went straight down the track.

Round 2 had Joe Schroeder facing off against Tom Kasper with Kasper taking the win with a 4.39 @175 to a losing 4.47 @ 158. This was a nice side by side pass as both cars were identical to the 330′. Schroeder almost brushed the wall and he had to lift. Next up was Scotty Guadagno and T.J. Kasper with Kasper nailed Scotty on the tree and won with a 4.42 @176 over Guadagno’s 4.45 @164.

The finals ends up being a father son battle as well as #1 and #2 qualifiers. T.J. Kasper broke in the water box so the finals ends up being a solo with Tom Kasper running it out with a 4.410 @170 for the May Outlaw Streetcar Shootout win.

Outlaw Radial

Bill Dutka

Bill Dutka 1979 Outlaw Radial Malibu

Outlaw Radial had a low car count with the likes of Paul Major, Alex Vrettos, and Scott Bitzer not making the event as they are still having there respective cars finished up. In the first qualifying session Bill Dutka was up against Quentin Methany. Dutka smoked the tires off the line running a 9.08 @84 and Methany going a 5.430 @131.

Brett Hull and Vincent Fiore were next up, Fiore took a while to stage which left Hull on the starting line for a while. Hull’s Mustang seemed to lose power once he let off the brake and he was only able to run a 7.22 @ 105. Fiore was able to crack the 5 second barrier running a 4.97 @ 146. First round of qualifying only had these four cars as Carter and Terris Hicks weren’t able to make the call.

In the second round of qualifying Vincent Fiore and Bill Dutka were first up. What a race we had here with Bill Butka moving up to number 2 with a 5.120 @155. Fiore didn’t improve on his first qualifying attempt but still runs a stout 5.11 @145. Quentin Methany and Brett Hull were up next. Hull stills had some problems leaving the starting line and runs an 8.37 @61 to Methany’s 5.36 @132. The last two up were Carter and Hicks who didn’t make the first qualifying attempt. Neither made clean runs but Carter was able to move up to number 3 with a 5.22 @133 and Hicks runs a 6.80 @102.

First up in round 1 had Bill Dutka and Terris Hicks facing off. Dutka spun the tires but was able to peddle to a win with a 6.24 @ 122 to a losing 7.25 @97. Next up was Brett Hull and Vincent Fiore. Both cars left side by side and then both had problems as Hull spun and Fiore had all sorts of issues. Hull tried to run him down but came up just short as Fiore takes the win wiyh a 5.79 @132 to a losing 5.81 @141. Methany had a solo and just cruised to an 8.44 @ 88.

Round 2 Methany and Dutka were up first with Methany taking the win with a 5.32 @ 132 over Dutka’s losing 7.22 @ 64, Dutka had some problems getting off the line so Methany moves on to the finals.  Fiore got the single into the finals and shut it off early running a 5.12 @ 121. The finals sees Quentin Methany 0.141 5.36 @ 132 and Vincent Fiore do battle with Fiore taking home the May Outlaw Streetcar Shootout win with a 5.06 @ 144 to Methany’s 5.36 @ 132. With Methany’s runner up finish he moves into 1st place in points.

Outlaw 275 Radial

Outlaw 275 Radial, one of the newer classes added to Cecil’s Saturday program had eight cars show up to the May race. Chris Evans who is fresh off a 4.99 at MIR was the man to beat. Chris Evans has his Procharged Mustang running real well with the help of Matt Butrim who is doing the tuning.

In the first qualifying session Chris Evans was up against last months 275 winner Mike Thompson. Evans came out strong running a 5.11 @ 140 to Mike Thompson’s 5.46 @129. The warm track temperatures were thought to be an issue, but Evans set the bar. Next up was Ken Ewer and Tim Reinert. Ewer who runs in NMRA Drag Radial made a nice soft pass going 5.34 @ 134 to Reinert’s off pace 6.88 @116. Ron Rhodes who had transmission problems at the last event was up next against the NY boy Rich Bach. Bach goes to number 2 behind Evans with a 5.30 @ 134. Rhodes lost traction after the 60 foot mark and ran a 5.82 @ 127. Next up was Team Corupt’s Konstantine Zografos and Ed Thomas who runnered up here last month. Zografos has some problems launching the car and runs a 7.72 @ 91, Thomas runs a 5.25 @ 134 to take away number 2 from Bach.

Ken Ewer

In the second qualifying session Mike Thompson improved a little with a 5.36 @ 130 and Rhodes keeps it soft running a 5.40 @ 131. Next up was Ed Thomas and Chris Evans. Evans improves on his first attempt and is the only 275 car in the 5.0’s. Evans ran a 5.09 @ 140 to Ed Thomas’s consistent 5.28 @ 134. Next up was Frank Fulbrook and Ken Ewer. Fulbrook didn’t make the first qualifying session but he gets his car together to run a soft 5.77 @ 126. Ewer blew the tires off and coasts to an 11.52 @ 51. Tim Reinert and Konstantine Zografos were up next and both cars are off the pace with Reinert running a  5.98 @ 117 and Zografos running a 7.34 @ 74. Rich Bach was up last for his second qualifying attempt and ran a 5.27 @ 136. He remains #3 as Evans has the field covered by over 2 tenths of a second.

In the first round of eliminations Evans continued his dominance running a 5.13 @ 140 over Reinert’s losing 5.91 @ 119. Rich Bach steps it up against Ron Rhodes running a 5.23 @ 136 over a losing 5.65 @ 130. Konstantine Zografos and Ed Thomas were up next with Zografos starting to figure out his 275 ride and runs a 5.86 @ 130 but Thomas who has been very consistent ran a 5.31 @ 133 takes out Zografos. Next up in round one was Ken Ewer  and Mike Thompson. Thompson who was last months winner had some problems getting off the line. Ewer takes the win with a 5.90 @ 123 over Thompson’s losing 8.46 @ 85. The big story here is Ken Ewer putting it on the bumper.

Here is the sequence of shots of Ken Ewer’s wheelstand!

Ken Ewer

Ken Ewer

Ken Ewer

In round 2 Rich Bach and Ed Thomas had a great race with Bach taking the win with a 5.21 @ 136 to Thomas’s losing 5.26. Chris Evans was up next on a solo since Ewer wasn’t able to make the call after the big wheelstand. Ewer bent a valve but he said he’d be out next month. Evans had to peddle here and runs a 5.45 @ 139.

In the finals Chris Evans and Rich Bach faced off with Bach taking home the win with a 5.23 @ 135 over a losing 5.59 @ 124. Evans had to peddle and that let Bach go by for the win.

Tommy Romeo

Outlaw 7.50

In the first qualifying session John Schroeder and Ralph Valles were up. Valles left on Schroeder and Schroeder had transmission problems last night and I don’t think he got it fixed as he shut it down while Valles made it down under full power  Schroeder ran a 10.53 @ 87 while Valles goes 7.800 @ 175. Next up was Jack Pererira running an 8.24 @ 170 and Rich Scioscia running a 7.77 @ 178   Jack Pererira runs in NMCA Xtreme Street and since NMCA was canceled this weekend, he stopped at Cecil to run in Outlaw 7.50. Rick Righter was up next and ran a 7.94 @ 173 to Tommy Romeo’s 7.74 @ 176. Vinny Pace ran a 8.19 @ 126 while Rich Shaneline ran a 7.73 @ 135 – taking out the 1000′ block so this run was DQ’ed. John Fisher and Charlie Micallaf were up next with Fisher running a 7.77 @ 193 to Charlie Boy’s 7.73 @ 180.  Kevin McCurdy and Dave Acker were up next with McCurdy coasting to the number one spot with a 7.52 @ 132. Dave Acker shuts off at the 330′ and ran a 9.55 @ 83

In the second qualifying session Rich Scioscia ran a 8.82 @ 111, shutting it down early while Rick Righter running out back door with a solid 7.850 @ 174. Next up was John Fisher and Jack Pererira. Fisher steps it up with a 7.57 @ 187 while Jack Pereira stays consistent in his NMCA Xtreme Street ride running an 8.17 @ 169. Charlie Boy and Ralph Valles were up next. Valles rolled the lights and Charlie Boy backs up his previous run with a 7.73 @ 154. Tommy Romeo had the wheels up and down and peddled to a 7.86 @ 174. Chris Malec took a nice easy stroll down the 1/4 with a 10.70 @ 132.

In the first round of eliminations Rick Righer took on Tommy Romeo running a 7.85. Romeo’s motor went south at the end of the quarter so we had a little clean up to deal with. Ralph Valles and Richard Sciosia were up next with Valles taking the win with a 7.85 over a losing 7.86. Up next was Jack Pereira and Chris Malec. Malec took the win over a dead late Pereira with an 8.74 to a quicker 8.15.  Fisher had a bye and coasts to the win. In round two Rick Rigther took the win over Chris Malec who had some problems with a 7.87 @ 174 to Malec’s 13.87 @ 68.  Ralph Valles and John Fisher were up next with Fisher being dead late but driving around Valles with a 7.66 @ 192 to a losing 7.83 @ 175

In the finals Rick Righter was up against John Fisher with Fisher taking the win over Righter with an 8.08 @ 164 to the losing 8.69 @ 158.

Harry Gerb

Outlaw 8.50

Outlaw 8.50 had 21 cars show up for the May Outlaw Streetcar Shootout trying to get into the 16 car field. 8.50 is a tough class with the most cars attempting to qualify at each event. Their was close racing all day but in the end Al Fonse was up against Brent Beachley with Al Fonse taking home the win with an 8.65 @ 156 over a losing 9.66 @ 100. These two cars were the last two cars to go down the track just finishing before the midnight curfew. Congrats to the DAM cancer machine. Al Fonse went through a tough field to take home the win!

The May Outlaw Streetcar Shootout was a great race with some hot weather!  The fans braved a hot day to see some exciting action in all the classes.  See everyone out at the June Outlaw Streetcar Shootout!

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