Ask The Experts: Tom Lieb Of Scat Crankshafts Seeks Your Questions

Our new series, Ask The Experts, has been a hit with EngineLabs readers, with your questions submitted to—and answered by—industry experts such as Nolan Jamora of Isky CamsDavid Fussner of JE Pistons, and Keith Jones of Total Seal. This time around, we’re opening up the question session for industry legend Tom Lieb of Scat Crankshafts. You know the drill. Fire away with your most pressing questions related to crankshafts and connecting rods, and once the submission period has ended on 5/31/18, we’ll pass them along to Tom, then publish his input.

Tom’s Bio:

Tom Lieb started SCAT Enterprises, Inc. (SCAT) in 1962 while attending college at Loyola University of Los Angeles, graduating in 1964.  SCAT joined SEMA in 1965, exhibited at SEMA first in 1966 and every year since.  SCAT, under Tom’s tutelage began manufacturing crankshafts in 1967, connecting rods in 1971 and started manufacturing the SCAT USAC 4-cylinder Midget Engine in 1973.  SCAT produced over 6,000 units through 1995.

In 1975, Tom moved SCAT into its current 45,000 square foot facility in Redondo Beach, California.  By 1981 SCAT had put together the most modern CNC-equipped crankshaft facility in the United States.  The SCAT operation today utilizes the most modern, high tech equipment, employing cutting-edge design and quality control.

SCAT manufactures cast, forged and billet crankshafts for the performance aftermarket and is a prominent supplier to Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Industrial engine builders for product development, crate engine and replacement crankshafts and connecting rods.

Tom has grown SCAT from his one man shop 54 years ago to what it is today.  Tom has never forgotten that we are just car guys, doing what we have a passion for, while producing the finest, most innovative parts possible.

Remember, you have from 5/2/18 through 5/31/18 to submit your questions for Tom. Submissions must be emailed to He looks forward to hearing from you!

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