TX2K 2019 Coverage: Day One Of The Texas Super Show

Over the last few years, TX2K┬áhas been gaining more and more popularity and 2019 is no different for this awesome event. The crowds keep getting bigger and more racers continue to enter each year. So what’s the big draw for this event? TX2K is quite possibly the wildest mix of cars of any single show that we have been to. The grounds are covered with a plethora of exotic supercars like GTRs, Lamborghinis, and McLarens. But don’t worry, this show also has its share of high-powered LS cars too, such as Corvettes, Camaros, and CTS-Vs. It also offers a host of sport compact cars along with some muscle cars, as well.

The weather can be a factor for this show being right off of the Gulf coast and this morning was no different. We rolled into the show early after the rain had passed and were very anxious to see what TX2K 2019 had in store. There were a few people at the gates and on the grounds when we arrived, but the attendance was not overwhelming. As the day progressed more fans showed up and the cars kept coming through the gate at a steady pace.

Day one kicked off the roll racing portion of TX2K, and it went off without a hitch. Several cars trapped over 200 miles per hour during qualifying. One of our favorite entries for the day was a gnarly LS-powered twin-turbo Buick Skylark that ran a best of 179.8 miles per hour. We talked to James Schauer of Build Tune Race, and even though this is the maiden voyage for the car, they’re looking to push it as hard as they can during the roll race eliminations tomorrow.

There were only a few delays which kept the event running smoothly and the fans happy all day. The only significant delay came from a Dodge Viper than made a hard left turn and knocked over a chunk of the retaining wall. Fortunately, the driver was not injured and the track crew was quick to get the car off the course and get the repairs underway so that the racing could continue. The staff was able to get multiple roll race practice runs in and two rounds of qualifying before calling it a day.

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Day two at TX2K will consist of more roll racing with eliminations and qualifying for drag racing. We expect that the show will be much more significant for the second day with attendees as well as some nice LS-powered cars. Stay tuned for more coverage of TX2K 2019.

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