Newest Pro Stock Innovation – Carbon Fiber Wheelie Bars Being Tested

In a class where thousands of dollars are routinely being spent for mere thousandths on the E/T clock, innovation and new developments take place almost every test session. To most of us, shelling out $5,000+ for a set of wheelie bars is unheard of, but since Don Ness has devised a set of carbon fiber wheelie bars for Pro Stock cars, a few in the Pro Stock pits are already giving it a whirl – including veterans Larry Morgan and Warren Johnson.

Not only is it rumored that these particular bars are quite a bit stronger than their Moly or Titanium counterparts, they’re a heck of a lot lighter. Larry Morgan says they’ve taken about 15 lbs. off the rear of the car, while Warren Johnson says they’ve shed more than twice that from the rear. Johnson also went on to say that while they’re fighting the new setup blues with these bars, when they get them figured out they’ll be a huge advantage for them. It might just be a mind game between racers on what the actual amount of weight savings is, but they’re saving weight no doubt. Jerry Bickel Race Cars reports that they’re 20% stronger than 4130, 60% lighter than 4130, 50% stronger than Titanium, and 15% lighter than Titanium. We’re not usually a big fan of the numbers game, but these ones sound pretty sweet.

After Titan Motorsports inquired about a set for their ADRL cars, it was learned that Ness has already sold 25+ sets, and deposits for a set are rolling in left and right, so where else will we see them? In the rules-lacking ADRL, it’s pretty certain that we’ll see a few sets put to good use very soon. If you can get past the significant price, Ness’s carbon bars are already available for sale through most of the popular chassis building shops including Jerry Bickel, Tim McAmis and Jerry Haas. Check ’em out here for more info. Is this Pro Stock’s newest big innovation?

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