SEMA 2021: Mustang Dyno Has Its Hole Shot Dyno Software On Display

Mustang Dynamometer has been known as the dyno that does more than just tell you horsepower and torque at wide-open throttle. With the ability to vary the load on the rollers, you can simulate traditional road conditions for part-throttle tuning, allowing for complete ECU mapping without having to turn a tire on the road.

Taking the ability to simulate road conditions to the next level, Mustang Dynamometer developed software to simulate a full drag strip pass, on the dyno. Hole Shot software not only allows for an amazing level of control over the dyno itself, it also offers impressive connectivity across a variety of Windows, Android, and iOS devices, instead of being tied to a single Windows-based PC.

In addition to the advanced load capabilities, the Hole Shot software allows for accurate quarter-mile and 0-60 runs to be made on the dyno.

Designed to be an all-in-one software, in addition to controlling power pulls and constant speed and load settings, the software allows for 0-60 mph pulls and 1/4-mile passes to be completed on the dyno. To this end, the software has a built-in christmas tree, but Mustang Dynamometer also offers a full-size tree to use with the software, and actually hosts simulated racing events on the dyno.

Mustang’s line of chassis dynamometers are advanced units, available in both two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive variants, as well as powersports, portable, and heavy-duty variants for specific uses. When combined with MD’s Hole Shot software, the full potential of the advanced hardware can be realized, and the combination makes a chassis dyno a much more useful tool around the shop.

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