Andrew & Brian – The Media Movers & Shakers Behind Dragzine

As the Managing Editor of Power Automedia’s collection of magazine titles, and amidst celebrating our 15 year anniversary, I wanted to share some Q&A I had with the editors for each of our magazines so that you, our readers, could better understand who’s behind the wheel driving your favorite automotive content forward. The team at Dragzine encompasses a group of talented freelance writers and photographers with years of experience in their respective fields, all led by the Dragzine Group Editor, Andrew Wolf and Senior Editor, Brian Wagner. They are passionate about all things drag racing and want to share that excitement with you – so come find out what they think is cool about the industry! I sat down with Andrew and Brian to break down the personalities behind the leading digital magazine to find out what being a “Media Mover, Shaker, and Story Breaker” means to them.

Q: What’s your mission for your magazine?

A: We live and breathe drag racing. Our mission is not just to entertain and to inform but to inspire people to drag race and to be an active part of strengthening what we believe is the world’s greatest form of motorsport. If we can leave this sport in a better place than we found it, then we have succeeded. With the hardest working team in the game behind us, I believe we’re already at the top of our market. But there’s no complacency around here, each and every day is an opportunity to be better.

Q: Why is automotive more than just a piece of transportation to you? Biggest moment for you in your career thus far?

B: My race car is a mechanical extension of me, it allows me to do things normal people just can’t do. At the end of the day, I hope to make an impact in the drag racing space by sharing the stories behind the biggest events and the latest tech with our readers. One of the many joys of being on the media side of this motorsport is being able to talk with the biggest names in all of drag racing about what brought them into the sport. 

Q: What’s the most important aspect of what we do, to you?

A: At the heart of it, I believe we are an outlet for our readers, be it to educate, inform, or to entertain — we are our readers’ lunchtime read, a break from the monotony and stress of their daily lives, an escape from all the bad news in the world, and where they come to learn something new. They love this sport and so do we. When they’re looking for drag racing, it’s our job to be here and give it to them.

Q: What’s does being a media mover and shaker mean to you?

A: It’s being a leader, telling the biggest stories, being part of the biggest events, building the coolest cars, having our hands on the pulse of this sport, and serving as THE drag racing resource. It’s making a difference in the lives of our readers and our sport.

B: It means I get to bring the drag racing world to life in a different way each day.

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