Hold On! Driver Goes For Scary Ride After Tire Explosion

It’s truly amazing how racers continue to push the limits of how fast a stock-dimension vehicle can go. Thankfully, safety requirements have also evolved to match the new performance levels each step of the way, as well. Jimmy Raso’s Fox body Mustang was built right and allowed him to walk away from this scary 150 mph top-end crash.

Raso’s nitrous-huffing EZ Street Mustang clearly was a pretty rowdy ride. The Ford had laid down its fair share of 4-second 1/8-mile passes and had just run another stout number when disaster struck. In the video shot by ProTreeVideos, it appears the driver’s side rear slick disintegrated just past the finish line. Raso immediately had his hands full as the Mustang made a hard right toward the wall. Unfortunately, the car struck the wall hard and shot back across the racing surface where it hit the wall again on the driver’s side.

Thankfully, Raso’s safety gear did its job and kept him safe after two violent impacts with the wall. The Serge Longo-built chassis also played a key role in allowing Raso to walk away from this crash. Based on the debris field left by the crash, and the Mustang’s condition after the incident the car could be a total loss. Credit should also be given to the Toronto Motorsports Park staff for their quick response to the crash. They were rolling to aid Raso before the car had even come to a complete stop. This crash should serve as a reminder to every racer why it’s important to not skimp on your safety gear.

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