Video: We Take Project Number Cruncher To Holley LS Fest

The best way to see what a car can do is to take it to the track. Project Number Cruncher’s racing career started with NHRA license runs at National Trail Raceway and from there, it was time to make some more hits. So, we decided to get more laps on the car at the biggest gathering of LS-powered vehicles in the world, Holley LS Fest.

LS Fest brings anything and everything with an LS engine between the fenders to Beech Bend Raceway Park each fall. Even with the threat of bad weather, over 2,000 LS-powered vehicles made the trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky to participate in LS Fest this year. Based on how quick Project Number Cruncher was running, we purchased a tech card for the Street King class, loaded the Firebird up, and went south to do some racing.

Street King is an index class where racers can select their own index to race under. The indexes start at 8.00 and go up in .25-second increments all the way to 11.00. Racers leave off a Pro .500 tree on a handicap start based on their index, and the index of the person they’re racing. If you want to win in Street King you need to not only be good on the tree but also have a vehicle that’s very consistent.

Project Number Cruncher’s first hit down the track was a new personal best of 9.98 at 137 mph. Considering that we still aren’t pushing the car hard and how bad the air was, that was an impressive run. From there, Project Number Cruncher went on to run a string of passes in the 10.0X range, showing how consistent the car really is. The atmospheric conditions helped us decide to select the 10.25 index. Unfortunately, mother nature stepped in on race day and canceled the event before we could officially get a round in.

All told, though, it was a great outing with Project Number Cruncher. Our next event with the car was the NMCA World Street Finals and we’ll have the results from that trip up very soon.

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