RC Components Flow Into Street Market With Street King Line

New hobbies can be expensive, especially in the automotive sector. While the Ford Mustang has not pinned itself into a corner of one specific motorsports, the factory form of our beloved Pony car could use a few tweaks before participating in most. The best bang for the buck for intermediate drivers can usually be seen in changing out the suspension, tires, or wheels.

RC Components


In drag racing, the main focus for the first time racer is to maintain traction off the line. The OE spec wheels will get you down the track, but are at a disadvantage with less-than-optimal widths and high rotational weight. This is where the aftermarket steps in. However, a quick look around for drag racing wheels reveals two different spectrums of the market: inexpensive questionable products and ultra-light race specific ones that easily break the budget for a starter pack. This is where RC Components has stepped in and bridged the gap.

RC Components is known for producing high quality drag wheels with innovative designs. While its line up caters to the high end spectrum, its latest Street King line is aimed at those wanting to dip their toes in drag racing or just desire a wider wheel for better tire selection. The Street King line uses a Flow-Forged process which allows the wheels to be lighter and stronger than its steel counterparts, but retain similar properties to a fully forged race wheel. This manufacturing process allows a reduction in cost that brings the wheels to an affordable level.

Concerned about safety? The Street King wheels pass SFI 15-1 and 15-2 testing to make sure they are ready for the task. So, if you’re wanting to see what the 1320 is all about or just tired of looking at dated designs from other wheel companies, RC Components might just be the right addition and won’t bust your budget.


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