First Look: John Mitchell’s New RJ-Built Pro Mod ‘22 Camaro

The latest car build to roll out of the world-famous championship winning chassis shop of RJ Race Cars and Quarter-Max is this sharp looking new Outlaw Pro Modified 2022 Chevy Camaro custom-built for John Mitchell of Martin, Tennessee.

Mitchell was blown away when he picked up his new car. “I’ve been bracket racing for 30 years, and started running heads-up about seven years ago and I’ve been doing some outlaw racing. I’ve been wanting a Rick Jones car for 15 years and was finally able to get one. Let me tell you, nobody builds a car like Rick Jones.”

I love it. My son is with me, he loves it. We ain’t never seen anything like it,” Mitchell continues. “I don’t know how we are going to wait until spring…we’ll have to look at it all winter, and it’s a thing of beauty. It’s more of a show car more than anything, just everything on it is just perfect.”

The RJ Race Cars Pro Mod double-framerail chassis is set to handle the task of several thousand horsepower. That power comes via a supercharged big-block Chevrolet engine, and will rely on a M&M transmission and PST carbon-fiber driveshaft to put that horsepower back to the rearend.

The rear suspension features a RJ Race Cars-built full 4130 custom fabricated floater housing with Strange axles and pro carbon brakes, all Quarter-Max four-link suspension with billet adjustable four-link chassis brackets, Extreme 2-inch splined anti-roll bar, Extreme 1-1/4-inch Pro Series wishbone, and PRS pneumatic controlled suspension.

The front suspension features the Quarter-Max threaded adjustable strut mounts, and Weld Racing Full Throttle 15×3.5-inch front wheels. A fully loaded carbon-fiber interior from Quarter-Max features 48-inch carbon wheel tubs, carbon double-framerail transmission tunnel, and carbon flat sheet panels. The cockpit features a Quarter-Max carbon-finished steering wheel and C02 bottle, carbon-finished K&R delay box, MSD power grid system, and Racepak V300 data system.

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The exterior of the car features an all-carbon fiber body from Five Star race car bodies, with custom paint and graphics by SD Enterprises. The black and green paint scheme matches the repair fleet of the Mitchell family’s owned and operated Triple J Truck Repair in West Tennessee. “The way that the body’s fitted, I mean every seam, a new car at the dealership is not put together as fine as this one is. It’s just unbelievable. It’s just perfect,” Mitchell says.

This highly sophisticated modern day Pro Mod car is optioned out from tip to tail with the high-quality craftsmanship work and details that has been a trademark for the Quarter-Max and RJ Race Cars brands for over 35 years.

“Rick and Rickie treat you like you are a professional racer even if you’re not. The whole family, they treat you like family, and we’re gonna’ make them famous in West Tennessee when everybody sees this car. It’s the nicest thing I’ve ever seen, and I can’t believe that it is mine and my brother’s. I hope if you’re ever around West Tennessee at any races and I’m there, that you come look at it, cause I’d be proud for you to. It’s just really, really nice. They set it up for me, and Rickie said he could help me get it down the track. If you’re having any problems these are the people to see.”

Mitchell is set to debut the new ride in 2023 at Outlaw Pro Mod races in his region.

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