BoostedBoiz Duramax Project Finally Hits The Dyno And Dragstrip!

If you are a frequent visitor to — and we hope you are — you probably remember back in February of 2022, when we did a small piece on the BoostedBoiz Youtube channel. Back then we talked about the introduction of their new Duramax Project. Owned by Wyatt Stengel, a pivotal part of the BoostedBoiz channel, this K-15 is something you will definitely want to keep an eye on. This channel features everything from all-wheel-drive Honda Civics, to turbocharged minivans, and gasoline-powered golf carts. But as far as we are concerned, it was time they introduced some diesel power to their fans.

This creation is a mixture of what was Wyatt’s first truck and this 1970 GMC pickup. After three years of development, here it is in its somewhat completed form. Backed by a 4L80E transmission, a hopefully 1,400-plus horsepower LB7 powerplant, and everything else necessary, this thing should absolutely rip. In fact, just a few days ago, they released the footage of the first-ever dyno day at Full Throttle Fab & Repair in southern Florida.

With hopes to reach that 1,000-horsepower threshold, the BoostedBoiz’s 200,000 viewers watched anxiously to see if it happened, myself included. This project has been ongoing, and Wyatt, alongside some of the industry’s finest, has put this monster together in a small garage, by himself. Just making it to the dyno deserves respect, in my opinion. After unloading at Full Throttle, the truck was strapped down to the dyno with some safe, baseline numbers.

Wyatt utilized the Duramax knowledge of Mark Broviak from Danville Auto and the fellas from Exergy Performance, Jordan, and Jeff Hale to get a baseline and make sure everything is clicking as it should. After getting the computer involved after a few pulls on the dyno, Wyatt & Co. made 888 horsepower and 1,353 lb-ft of torque. While he was excited about the output, it did appear there is some on the table. Between keeping the tires planted to the roller and the dyno not loading the truck enough in such a short time period, they were unable to crack that 1,000-horsepower mark.

However, once the BoostedBoiz truck is loaded on the ground and ripping down the dragstrip, the power will be usable and we’re sure awesome results will be had. With the current setup, based on the dyno day, this is showing the real promise of a five-second-capable diesel truck. Using a hefty 85mm turbocharger, 250-percent-over fuel injectors, and a 14mm race CP3, this unit has no choice but to be mean. Fine-tuned with a Bosch MS35 standalone ECU, it was finally time to hit the strip.


During the first pass, it blew the rear tires off because for some reason the four-wheel-drive never engaged. As Wyatt explains, “because it is a diesel, hotlapping isn’t much of an issue”. For sure in four-wheel-drive for the second pass, the trans brake is released and off he went. The second pass delivered an astonishing 60-foot time of 1.43 seconds and an amazing 330-foot time of 4.34. Lifting just before the finish, he rolled to a 6.65 at 95 mph. Not bad for a first rip out of the garage.

After multiple runs making sure everything was happy and trying to get the tires and nitrous to cooperate, Wyatt managed a best mph of 116 and a best e.t. of 6.37 seconds. Figuring out how to apply all of that horsepower and torque on these heavy trucks is a trick. Once he gets his ducks in a row, look out. We are watching closely as this truck continues its voyage. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated here on

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