HEMI Power: TCI’s 8HP70 Bolt-Together Torque Converter

The right torque converter is critical when you’re trying to unlock all the potential performance your engine has to offer. TCI is making it easier for Gen III HEMI owners with the 8HP70 transmission to get optimal torque converter results with its triple-disc bolt-together torque converter.

Torque converter companies can build a good converter for you based on your engine combination and vehicle information, but a bolt-together torque converter can be further refined by the user at home. A bolt-together torque converter is bolted together, rather than welded together, so you can take it apart and change the stator, or other parts as needed. This means you can service the torque converter yourself and tighten it, or loosen it based on how your vehicle performs.

TCI’s 8HP70 torque converter features a triple-disc lock-up clutch that uses high-performance carbon friction materials. These new clutches can stand up to over 1,000 horsepower while dealing with the continuous slip lock-up control the transmission throws at it. These converters are CNC-machined out of billet material that increases strength and fights converter ballooning more effectively. The impeller and turbine have been furnaced brazed, while the turbine fins are tig-brazed to increase durability. The converter’s clutch diameter works with the triple-disc configuration to provide plenty of torque capacity, much more than the OEM converter offers.

If you’re working on modifying your Gen III HEMI vehicle and need a new torque converter for your combination, you’ll want to check out TCI’s triple-disc bolt-together 8HP70 torque converter. You can learn more about these converters right here on TCI’s website.

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