Mickey Thompson Tires Power New Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170

mickey thompson tires

As the brand has done in so many other arenas of drag racing with its lineup of unrivaled tires, Mickey Thompson tires helped power the new 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 to its record-breaking performance of the new.

Before undertaking the project, which was unveiled on Monday at a Dodge press event in Las Vegas, Mickey Thompson worked closely with Dodge engineers in developing a tire that could unleash record-setting power for the world’s quickest 0-60 production car.

“Nobody puts power to the ground like Mickey Thompson, and nobody creates power like Dodge,” said Dominick Montouri, President of Mickey Thompson. “Dodge values record-breaking performance as much as we do, and they truly broke every barrier with this vehicle.”

A relationship born at the dragstrip, the two companies began development of a modified version on Mickey Thompson’s popular ET Street R P315/50R17 months prior to the Challenger SRT Demon 170 project kickoff.

Mickey Thompson’s ET Street tires turn the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170’s 945 ft.lbs of torque into traction. Achieving 0-60 in 1.66 seconds, the 1025-horsepower Demon 170 completes a quarter mile in a record breaking 8.91 seconds at the track. The rear tire features a modified version of the popular Mickey Thomson ET Street R P315/50R17.  The additional tread grooves improve on-street performance, allowing the Demon 170 to switch from the strip to the street without the need for tire modifications.

“Sixty-foot times in the mid-1.20’s in a production car doesn’t happen without a balanced and optimized suspension,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand CEO, Stellantis. “The Mickey ET Street R’s hook so hard it allowed us to get much more aggressive with our suspension and transbrake tuning.”

Mickey Thompson ET Street R P315/50R17 rear tire wrapped around the standard Demon rear wheel (left) and the optional Lacks Enterprises carbon-fiber wheels.

Mickey Thompson also developed an ET Street Front 245/55R18 to create a staggered fitment designed to transfer power to the rear tires; allowing for reduced weight, lower rolling resistance and improved dynamic and handling balance to put the Challenger SRT Demon 170’s power to the ground when it creates more than 2G’s of force at launch. These tires were designed specifically for the Challenger SRT Demon 170. The ET Street Front 245/55R18 and the modified version of the ET Street R P315/50R17 are not currently available for purchase.

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