Boost Life Made Easy With The Summit Racing Pro LS Turbo Manifold

Let’s be honest. Boost is something many of us crave. Horsepower hunters typically have their power adder of choice, but adding heaps of air to an engine’s cylinders using a Wuhan War Whistle is something we would all like to try. One of the things that give people pause is the cost of turbo headers, hot and cold side piping, wastegates, and the list goes on. Well, Summit Racing is doing its part to get a turbo setup in the hands of everyone with its Pro LS Turbo Manifold (P/N: SUM-G9300).

Pro LS Turbo Manifold

The Pro LS Turbo Manifold is designed to make installing the hot side of a turbocharger system a breeze.

This new log-style manifold specifically designed for turbo applications makes your life much easier, and it doesn’t hurt the wallet. The Pro LS Turbo Manifold is cast from high-quality 304 stainless steel and fits all LS exhaust ports. The manifold features a T4 flange for mounting a single turbocharger, and Summit has designed this manifold with enough clearance that if you want to use a Summit Racing adapter for mounting the turbo with a V-band or even converting it to a T6 flange you can do so without worry.

Pro LS Turbo Manifold

Both wastegates get mounted to the single manifold. This saves the end user from needing to mount a wastegate on the driver’s side manifold.

Additionally, it incorporates two mounts for 44 mm or 45 mm wastegates. Yes, you read that correctly. Both wastegates are mounted to the manifold. The interesting thing about the Pro LS Turbo Manifold is that it’s a divided log design so that each of the two wastegates serves only one bank of the engine. This makes things very easy for the installer because there is no need to fabricate anything on the driver’s side to mount a wastegate.

Summit Racing offers a standard diaphragm-style wastegate and a higher-end plunger-style wastegate if you choose.

Aside from the Pro LS Turbo Manifold, the user only needs a driver’s side truck manifold to connect the two with a 2.5-inch V-band crossover. Summit really has tried to think of everything on this product by designing it to have plenty of clearance from the valve cover and allow ample room for spark plug access regardless of the turbocharger you choose.

For those wanting something a little more complete, Summit Racing has you covered with its Turbocharger Kit Combo.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that for those that want something more complete, Summit Racing offers a Kit Combo (P/N: 03-0264). In addition to the Pro LS Turbo Manifold, the Kit Combo includes all of the parts below to make turbocharging your LS engine a much simpler task. If you are looking to dip your toes in boosted waters without a large investment, the Pro LS Turbo Manifold is worth consideration.

Summit Racing Turbocharger Hot Side Combo Kit (PN: 03-0264)

* BTR LS multi-layer steel exhaust gasket
* ARP head bolts – 12-point, rated at 170,000 psi to handle severe conditions
* Precision Turbo and Engine turbocharger gaskets — stainless steel, provides a positive leak-free seal in high-temperature situations
* Summit wastegates – stainless steel base and 6061 aluminum cap with black anodized finish
* Your choice of either a GT7875 style VS Racing turbocharger with T4 housing or a Summit 2700 Series performance turbocharger – T4 turbine housings – true race turbos offering the latest in compressor aero technology with quick-spooling and free-flowing turbines specially designed, balanced, and precision assembled with 2618 billet forged compressor wheels for class-leading racers.

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