Ford Performance FP800S Kit Gives GT500 Power To 2024 Mustang GT

When Ford Performance released its FP800S kit at the SEMA show, it made the 2024 Mustang a contender for, well, a version of its former self. The Camaro was gone, and Dodge was deviating from its internal combustion roots. Yet, here was Ford Performance, offering a post-title supercharger kit that not only kept the corporate carbon footprint minimized, but also unleashed an eruption of at least 800 horsepower when you mashed the skinny pedal, ready to lunge into battle.

The power isn’t for the faint of heart, but then again, neither was the 2020-2022 Shelby GT500. Here is the breakdown of what is included with the kit and how you can make your FP800S-equipped 2024 Mustang into a formidable foe on and off the track with more horsepower than the final GT500 iteration. 

Supercharger Kit

It’s no secret that Ford Performance and Whipple Superchargers have teamed up for multiple research and development projects in recent times. The duo has enticed horsepower-hungry Ford fans with both the Ford Performance FP700 kit, utilizing the Gen-5 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger for the F-150, and now the FP800S kit, which uses Whipple’s latest Gen-6 3.0-liter supercharger for the Gen-4 Coyote-powered 2024 Mustang.

The FP800S package will not only include the supercharger unit, but also features heavily developed dual intake piping. This design allows the supercharger to utilize dual filters, effectively doubling the air filter surface intake area. The supercharger comes standard with a 92mm throttle body sourced from the aforementioned Shelby GT500. The tuning, a collaborative effort between Ford and Whipple engineers, ensures a smooth powerband, elevating the Coyote’s output from 480 horsepower to a massive 800.

Engine And Drivetrain

While there is no need to modify your factory-sealed Coyote engine, the FP800S kit includes a Ford Performance oil separator. Initially featured on the GT500 carbon-fiber track and handling packages, the Ford Performance oil separator prevents oil vapor from entering the intake system or, inevitably, finding its way into the intercooler. This leads to a cleaner intake tract and a better-performing engine.

Although the S650 Mustang is capable of much more than straight-line racing, it’s hard to imagine any Mustang not excelling at the dragstrip. To fortify the axles for launch time, the FP800S kit comes with an axle half-shaft upgrade.

Suspension And Wheels

The FP800S kit also enhances the Mustang’s handling and posture, courtesy of the included Ford Performance street lowering kit. Despite the lowered ride height, it accommodates Ford Performance R1 wheels sized at 19×10.5 in the front and 19×11 in the rear under the arches. The wheels, complemented by black Ford Performance lug nuts, finish off the wheel package.


The Mustang is far from a sleeper, and the FP800S continues to distance itself from surprising other motorists with a combination of aesthetics to round out the overall package. Starting at the front, there’s a modular grille with gray inserts, and Ford Performance badging can be found on both the grille and rear. The trunk applique is replaced with a gloss black unit from Air Design. The final touch for this announcement is the Ford Performance FP800S decals that proudly signify the horsepower increase.

Options For All

While most would be satisfied with the performance offerings of the FP800S kit, there are even more options to further differentiate yourself from other Mustang owners, including those who purchased an FP800S kit themselves. The front splitter, hood vent, mirror skull cap, and Dark Horse spoiler with a gurney flap are all available in carbon fiber. If you want to announce your entrance, a Ford Performance Extreme Cat-back exhaust with quad 5-inch black chrome tips from Borla will do the trick. Most importantly of all, you can equip your Mustang with the safety of genuine Recaro seats featuring the Ford Performance logo.

A Pallet Of Performance

The Ford Performance FP800S kit is more than just a boost in posture or performance. This kit combines engineering for optimal performance while still retaining a full factory warranty. The installation and purchasing process can be handled by your local dealer with no hassles. 

When speaking about the S650 Mustang, Mustang Brand Manager Jim Owens said, “This isn’t just your regular 9 to 5 car; it’s your 5 to 9 car. It’s your stress-relief vehicle.” Ford Performance took that up a notch and made it an exhilarating experience during all hours of the day. Now, to get behind the wheel of one…

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