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Building a vehicle to run 8-second quarter-mile times has become increasingly accessible since the introduction of the Coyote engine. While Ford’s formidable Fox Body remains the preferred platform due to its lightweight and the abundance of aftermarket products, achieving this feat often requires little more than a Coyote engine swap, forced induction, and the appropriate suspension and drivetrain upgrades to dominate the drag strip. Although the primary objective is always speed, safety considerations are sometimes overlooked, but not always. 

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Common Sense And ETs

When Jody Gordon embarked on the journey to build his Fox Body Mustang for eighth- and quarter-mile racing, his main goal was to craft a platform that could shine on the track and still handle street driving. The Coyote engine was an ideal fit for Gordon’s needs, and he secured one from a 2016 Ford F-150 for a mere $2,100. Making four digit horsepower figures was accomplished with an On3 Fox Body kit, which would easily propel the Mustang into the 8-second range with just the addition of oil pump gears and valve springs to the engine. 

Team Z

With a blend of common sense and consideration for future ETs, Gordon prioritized safety and performance throughout the chassis build phase. Considering his utilization of components like the tubular front end, coilover kit, mini tubs, and torque boxes, all bearing the Team Z Motorsports label, opting for a Team Z cage for added protection seemed like a natural choice. For his build, he selected an 8-point chromoly cage certified to NHRA 8.5 spec.

The Team Z Motorsports notched 8-point roll cage was one of the best pre-bent and pre-notched cages I’ve installed. All the bars fit perfectly with no gaps, making it super easy to TIG weld. – Jody Gordon, vehicle owner.

Gordon’s foresight proved accurate, the car consistently clocks 8-second passes and even clinched first place at a Street Car Takeover event. While a Holley EFI system, expertly tuned by Bob Morrison, manages the engine, and an On3 turbo kit provides the Coyote with additional air, it’s the cage that offers Gordon the peace of mind that he’s protected well into the 170 mph range.

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Putting Safety First With Team Z

While the Team Z Motorsports cage serves as an excellent choice for home builders who prefer not to invest in a tube bender, for Gordon, it represented more than just a convenient solution—it was the answer to ensuring safety. And when you’re trapping over 170 mph, the cage can be the determining factor between seeing family after a race weekend and not. 

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