Ryan Martin To Debut New Screw-Blown Combo In Fireball Camaro

Three-time Street Outlaws No Prep Kings series individual champion and reigning team champion leader Ryan Martin surprised his competitors and fans alike on Saturday when he re-revealed his iconic bright-red fifth-gen Camaro, with a screw-supercharged HEMI engine combination between the framerails. Martin displayed the car and its new look at primary sponsor’s XPEL’s dealer convention in Texas on Saturday.

Ryan Martin

“I’ve talked about the screw combination and wanting to give that a go to see how good we could do with it. We’ve teamed up with Pro Line with one of their MH7’s and decided to put a PSI screw on this thing and see if we can be competitive with the screw guys. This car is on its third combination, it started off life and won its first championship with twin turbos, we changed it over to ProCharger and retired it to the street at that point in time, and dominated the street with it. Now we’re going to get back to NPK with it. A lot of people say his the car is outdated, but it’s not outdated. We did some things to try to up it a little bit — we went through the whole backend to re-stiffen the back of the car. We actually had some cracks in a couple bars just from getting beat on over so many years, so the whole thing has been freshened, and it has a whole new look with a big blower sticking out of the hood. For me, that’s one of the my favorite thing about the car,” Martin says.

Photos by Richard Rowe

“We want to see how this combination stacks up to our ProCharger combo,” Ryan Martin continues. “The gray car is still ProCharged, that’s not going to change. We’re going to essentially use both cars in our arsenal to be competitive in NPK again this year. Through the years I’ve said it would be cool to try every combination, and this is something that we haven’t done, we we’ll see how good we are at it.

“We’re going to use this car to keep everybody honest — there’s a lot of talks about the rules, and how the ProCharger guys have the advantage, how the screw guys have the advantage. With the screw guys getting 98 percent overdrive, I feel like that’s a big advantage over a ProCharger combo, and that’s part of the reason why we’re doing this. We’re going to see. It’s real easy to play the part of making the rules go your way by saying your car’s not that fast or it doesn’t work. Well, this way we’re going to keep everybody honest and see which one of these combos runs the best. I think this is going to be a great asset to our program, I’m excited to get it on the track and compete with NPK. I want to see if this thing can win another championship — I think it can.”


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