BTR Adds Dual Injector TRInity Intake Manifold For LS7 Engines

Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) remains at the forefront of the industry in its never-ending quest for making horsepower with LS engines by continually developing products that customers want. The latest offering from BTR is a new addition for rectangle port LS7 engines using its impressive TRInity Series intake manifold.

TRInity intake

The TRInity Series is a BTR original creation similar in design to billet intake manifolds costing thousands more. The TRInity is a short-runner, three-piece design primarily intended to bridge the gap between N/A and boosted engine combinations. It has an optimum operating range between 6,000 and 8,500 rpm and will accept drive-by-wire (DBW) or cabled throttle bodies. The TRInity Series intake manifold incorporates two runners and an interchangeable plenum, offering the ultimate in application flexibility. Its design allows the TRInity intake to fit within the tight confines of the C5, C6, and C7 Corvettes and various generations of F-body cars.

TRInity intake

The TRInity Series intake manifolds are made of high-quality cast aluminum. The runners are sealed at the runner/plenum interface by eight entrapped O-rings and twenty M6 stainless steel socket head cap screws. The port seals are SAE O-rings seated in a dovetail O-ring groove. Both the port mouth radius and the port match are CNC machined in-house at BTR. The TRInity intake manifolds feature a 2-1/4-inch -27 NPT port on the side of the throttle body boss and a 3/8-inch -18 NPT port on the rear of the intake. It’s also worth mentioning that the BTR TRInity intake manifold is made in the USA at the BTR facility in Bardstown, Kentucky.

TRInity intake

Listening to the customers, BTR added dual injector runners to the TRInity intake manifold to satisfy the hungriest of boosted LS7 engines. With the use of the BTR dual injector fuel rail kit (part number FRK-2I), you will have no issues supplying plenty of fuel to your engine with properly sized injectors. This is an excellent solution for high-horsepower cars running E85 or similar fuels that see both street miles and all-out drag racing and don’t want the added build cost or tuning hurdles involved with running dual fuel systems.

The LS7 TRInity Dual Injector Intake Manifold is currently available to order on the BTR site along with the dual injector fuel rail kit. The intake comes partially assembled in a textured satin black powder coat and includes the necessary hardware to bolt it to your engine. Additionally, runners and plenums can be purchased separately. Never one to slow down or rest on its latest accomplishments, BTR is already ahead of all the commenters on social media asking for a dual fuel rail runner design to allow two separate fuel systems for the TRInity Series manifolds as well as working on the dual injector runners for the LS3 engines. According to the man himself, Brian Tooley, we can expect these new additions to the TRInity lineup sometime in Q2 of 2024.

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