Quick Release Steering Hub Failure Leads To Safer Change

When it comes to the classic car scene, shiny items sell, and they sell well. The timeless appearance of an exposed steering shaft in a car or truck, polished to perfection, naturally captures the attention of car show attendees. And while IDIDIT has dominated the market in producing show-quality products that perform, much like the hot rod days their company represents more than just show cars; it’s also geared towards racing. The same competitive spirit that forged American car culture is the driving force behind IDIDIT’s manufacturing of high-quality, American-made racing products. Now the company is offering its push-to-connect quick-release steering hub with SFI certification behind it that has helped racers race safely. 

Close Call With Disaster

The connection between the steering wheel and the racer’s hands is a crucial aspect of controlling the vehicle. However, for Phil Veldheer of Veldheer Racing, a previous quick-release mechanism failure led to a potentially life-threatening situation. “I won the first round of Box eliminations, and in round two, as the dragster in the other lane’s win light went on, I felt something snap in my steering column/steering wheel while crossing the finish line,” Veldheer recalls. “Luckily, I remained calm. However, the steering wheel just spun in circles, and nothing happened. I managed to slow it down significantly and discovered that if I forced the steering wheel at an angle, the steering would grab about a half-turn each time.”

If you know anyone with an aluminum steering wheel adapter, whether they’re on the street or the strip, it’s worth inspecting the adapter, or changing to an all steel unit. -Phil Veldheer

“Back in the pits, friends Dan Gorby, Mark Howard, Tony Goodman, and Dave McLain all inspected everything closely, and we discovered that the steering wheel just spun on the shaft; the teeth in the adapter for my aftermarket steering wheel had worn off, rendering it useless,” Veldheer says. None of us would want to part with our race or street cars, but Veldheer’s chassis holds an NHRA Super Stock pedigree and has been with him for many years. Losing control on the top end would have been a shame over a simple part failure.

Quick Release steering

Racer Engineered

After examining various models from different manufacturers at the PRI show, Veldheer chose those made by IDIDIT. Veldheer’s decision proved prudent, as the IDIDIT push-to-connect quick-release steering hubs are SFI 42.1 certified. While their safety and robust construction are evident, what sets them apart is their proprietary design, which enables fast and smooth engagement through a push-to-connect mechanism without needing to pull a ring. Furthermore, they emit an audible click when fully seated, providing peace of mind that the steering wheel won’t detach from the steering shaft mid-track.

Safe And Sound

While the necessity for quick releases is evident in the confined spaces of roll cage-equipped cars, ensuring their functionality and quality is paramount. The idea of risking joining the unfortunate ranks of racers who have crashed due to steering issues just to save a few bucks is never worth it. If you prioritize racing safely, then the IDIDIT push-to-connect quick-release steering hub stands out as an excellent American-made option. 

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