A Wild 6-Second Screw-Blown Falcon Doorslammer From New Zealand

While Dragzine is a U.S.-based publication, it is most definitely aware that drag racing is prevalent around the globe, so its writers keep an eye out for anything and everything drag racing. We stumbled upon Steve “Cowboy” Carlsen’s 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint and it looked too cool to not share it with you.

After taking a 33-year hiatus drag racing, Carlsen decided to jump back in the fray about 10 years ago with this ’65 Falcon that he imported from Las Vegas, Nevada to his home in New Zealand. It was initially fitted with a naturally aspirated powerplant, but Carlsen stuffed the original-bodied Falcon with a Roots-blown Hemi engine. He had mixed results with the car and decided to take things up a few notches. Carlsen had Paralax Race Cars make a complete fiberglass body and a new chromoly chassis for the Ford.

“We just liked the look of the Sprint and it was different to most things here,” Carlsen told us. “Now, we have a complete fiberglass body and it allowed us to narrow up the front clip and ground effect the rockers to make it a bit more slippery, although it is still about as aerodynamic as a small building.”

Currently, it is powered by a 521ci Brad Anderson Enterprises Hemi with a D-rotor PSI screw blower. Carlsen chose a B&J air-shifted manual transmission with a Quick Drive, and a Tom’s center section twists the axles in the Race Products fabricated rearend.

The Yee Ha Racing and Wairarapa Automotive & Engineering-sponsored machine completed its first season in the Top Doorslammer (T/DS) category in the New Zealand Drag Racing Association and the IHRA. Carlsen made the change to the screw blower later in the season, which doesn’t conform to the Wild Bunch racing events that he also competes in, but the staff has made efforts to allow him to run.

To date, the Falcon has clocked a best ET of 6.43 at 223 mph

“We’re only racing for chocolate fish, so having fun is a big part for us,” Carlsen continued. “Our main focus is to try and better our personal best.”

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