2JZ-Powered Sand Drag Suzuki Rips Off 6-Second Pass On Pavement

Puerto Rico is a beautiful country that has a vibrant racing scene. You can find impressive cars at Salinas Speedway, but you’ll also see plenty of fast rides on the dirt drag strips as well. Hulk Racing’s Suzuki frequents both, and it lays down impressive numbers on each surface.

The Hulk’s body rests on a full tube chassis with a 124” wheelbase. Under the hood, you’ll find a stout 3.0-liter 2JZ mill built by Pito Zumbador. For boost, a massive 94mm XPR Pro Mod turbo from Precision Turbo & Engine was added to the build. Behind the Toyota engine is a Liberty transmission, yep the Hulk has a man pedal. A FuelTech ECU that’s tuned by Zumbador controls the engine.

On the sand, Hulk has covered the 300-foot track surface in 2.94 seconds at 112 mph. Considering how short the track is, and the surface is made of sand that’s pretty impressive. So, what will a sand drag car run on the drag strip when you bolt on a set of big slicks? Well, Hulk knows how to party on the quarter mile running a 6.38 at 213 mph. Not bad for a race car that was built for the sand and not the pavement.

The transition from sand to the pavement wasn’t without its issues for Hulk. When Team Hulk brought the Suzuki-bodied vehicle to Orlando Speedworld Dragway, the first few passes were pretty dicey. After some chassis adjustments, Hulk went right down the track and lit the board with some big numbers. Check out this video from PalfiebruTV that shows just how wild of a ride Hulk is on the drag strip.

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