Project Number Cruncher Makes Its Debut At The Track

After a lot of hard work, we finally got Project Number Cruncher to the track for some test hits. Now, things didn’t go exactly as planned, but we learned a lot and have been working on some changes to improve the car. We’re going to get the Firebird on the dyno soon to get it tuned and ready to make some license passes.

You can get caught up on everything that’s gone into building Project Number Cruncher right here on Dragzine.

Special thanks to SAM TechDart, BMR Suspension K1 TechnologiesWiseco PistonsMAHLE MotorsportARPSummit Racing EquipmentTotal Seal Piston RingsMellingMorosoCOMP CamsManleyPAC SpringsTrendT&D Machine ProductsWilson ManifoldsFuelTechFuel Injector ClinicMSDFTIAmerican Racing HeadersHolleyStrange EngineeringMeziere EnterprisesATI Performance ProductsBoninfantePalko Motor SportsKontras Performance, and MundyTuned.

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