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Most of us played with some form of building blocks as children. They were meant to make it easy to put together something loosely resembling a car, building, or some other inanimate object. Trick Tools has brought building blocks to the race car and custom car fabrication industries with the EH, NP, and FE series of modeling systems produced by icengineworks.

The EH series for building custom headers comes in 1-5/8-, 1-3/4-, 1-7/8-, and 2-inch outside diameter material.

These modeling systems consist of building blocks that interlock together to resemble stainless piping, exhaust headers, or full exhaust tubing. The sizing of the blocks are made to be the same outside diameter as common sizes used for headers, turbo hot side manifolds, and exhaust tubing.

The NP series modeling system for building custom turbocharger hot-side systems comes in 1-1/4 NPS (1.660-inch outside diameter) and 1-1/2 NPS (1.900-inch outside diameter).

When building a custom set of headers, or trying to design and fabricate the hot side of a turbocharger system, it can be difficult to get the compound angles, twists, and bends just right for everything to mate up. With these modeling systems you can piece together the tubes you need by rotating the individual blocks as needed. The really nice part is that this process can easily be done with the engine in the car.

Trick Tools even carries a modeling system for building a full exhaust system. These kits come in 2-1/2-inch and 3-inch outside diameters.

Each series of modeling system comes in several of the most common sizes for each application. The blocks also replicate specific radii associated with the common outside diameters of the various sizes. This means that you can order common J-bends that can then be cut and welded to match your modeling blocks.

Trick Tools also carries this cutting jig and tubing clamp to make it as easy as possible to cut your pre-bent tubing correctly and to hold the pieces securely for tack-welding together.

The block kits come in either 124 or 248 pieces to cover four or eight cylinder engines. In addition to the Pro Block kits, the full system kit includes a jig to make marking and cutting the pre-bent tubing simple, and tack-weld clamps that will hold your pieces precisely together for a solid fit to be tacked and welded. If you want to make custom fabricating exhaust and turbocharger systems a whole lot easier, go check out the full product line at Trick Tools.

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