Nitrous Supply Launches New “Outlaw” Power Valve

While the bottle valve in a nitrous oxide system is usually thought obasic on/off deal, there are actually significant performance gains available through use of the Outlaw Power Valve developed by nitrous pioneer Mike Thermos and his team at Nitrous Supply.

High horsepower nitrous systems require a higher volume of N2O and with its big .500-inch orifice, straight passageway design, and 5/8-inch siphon tube, the NS “Outlaw” Power Valve serves to optimize performance. Precision CNC-machined from billet aluminum and black anodized, the “Outlaw” Power Valve features a quick 1/4-turn activation that’s superior to conventional knob-actuated valves, and lends itself to employing a remote shut-off cable for added safety.

Other important features include an AN-8 pressure relief fitting that facilitates routing the pressurized nitrous oxide out of the driver’s compartment, plus dual 1/8 NPT gauge ports.

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