Fire Up Your Carbureted Engine With JMS Ignition Products

Not everyone is interested in running their engine with an electronic fuel injection system and there’s nothing wrong with that. The good old carburetor can still mix air and fuel as it goes into any engine, but you still need some spark to kick off the combustion process. JMS has ignition products that will work with street cars, high-performance applications, and even LS-based engines.

If you’ve got a small-block or big-block engine of any kind under the hood of your ride the JMS CD-1 ignition system will work. The CD-1 cranks out an impressive 135mj of spark energy and has less than five amps of current draw at 8,000 RPM. If you’re looking for ignition control, the CD-1 has plenty of that as well. You have multiple programable inputs and outputs that can be used for things like timing retard, boost or nitrous timing curves, shift lights, and RPM window switches.

Frank Kondas from JMS explains how easy the CD-1 is to use.

“The CD-1 Full Race Ignition System is simple to install and configure. If you just want to start and run your engine, all you have to do is connect power, ground, key on power, and the connection to the distributor or points. The basic features can be configured via the front panel. The more advanced features can be accessed via the free PC software.”

You don’t need to run an EFI system if you want to update your ride with an LS-based engine thanks to JMS. The SmartSpark LS Control Module can run the ignition system using LS-style coils and sensors. You don’t have to worry about adjusting the ignition because the SmartSpark comes programmed with multiple ignition tables for different applications. If you do want to make adjustments to your SmartSpark, JMS has software that allows you to make all kinds of different advanced adjustments.

“SmartSpark allows a customer to maximize their engine output by giving them access to their timing curve and maximum RPM. All that is required to get a carb LS up and running with our SmartSpark is the installation of our wiring harness and module. Our wiring harness has simple connections. You just need to connect power, ground, key on power, the SmartSpark Module, eight coil packs, along with the crank and cam position sensors,” Kondas says.

If you’re looking for an ignition system for your carbureted engine that’s packed with features you’ll want to check out the CD-1 ignition right here. For those who are outfitting their vehicle with an LS-based engine make sure to take a look at the SmartSpark LS Control Module here.

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