Lift Pump Upgrade That Is A True Bolt-In Design

Getting the necessary fuel to your engine is critical to its running efficiently. While the OE lift pump can do that if your truck’s engine is stock, rarely, anyone leaves their engine stock. What’s more, those OE pumps will eventually give out. When you are ready for a true lift pump upgrade but have no interest in an externally frame-mounted unit, Fleece Performance has you covered.

The PowerFlo lift pump for 2011 through 2016 Ford Super Duty trucks is the latest drop-in lift pump from the diesel experts at Fleece Performance. Whether you need to replace your failing factory pump or looking to upgrade, this kit is just what you need. The kit includes both the PowerFlo lift pump to replace your in-tank factory sending unit and a new frame-mounted filter base with a Donaldson filter to replace the factory pump and filter assembly.

This plug-and-play kit requires no cutting, splicing, or modification of the factory fuel lines or fuel tank, and the new filter base mounts in the OE filter housing location. Combine this kit with Fleece Performance’s replacement under-hood filter base (FPE-FMC-UHFA-1123) and optional fuel heater (FPE-FH-FMC) for the ultimate fuel delivery setup on your 6.7 Power Stroke.

Lift pump upgrade

If your 2011-2016 Power Stroke is ready for better fuel delivery, here’s your option.


  • Direct In-Tank Replacement: The PowerFlo lift pump retains the factory fuel lines and water-in-fuel sensor, and it installs in less than half the time of other high-flow lift pumps.
  • Ultra-Quiet – Dual Gerotor: Two is always better than one, and the PowerFlo delivers with two industry proven ultra-quiet gerotor pumps, providing increased flow capacity and the ability to support up to 800 HP!
  • Seamless Integration: The active fill bucket eliminates the need for tank sumps, draw straws, additional air filtration, and the 1/4-tank issues typically encountered when seeking a higher flow lift pump to meet your engine’s needs. This kit requires no cutting, splicing, or modification of the existing fuel lines, harness, or fuel tank and retains all factory diagnostic functionality.
  • Aftermarket Capable: Want the benefits of the in-tank pump but need to run your own fuel lines? The pump outlet and return are threaded to accept a -8 O-ring fitting (3/4-16 thread). This product has also been tested and verified with 2011through 2016 trucks equipped with an S&S Diesel Motorsport DCR conversion kit and the S&S Diesel Motorsport CP4 Disaster Prevention Kit.

Lift Pump Upgrade Includes:

• PowerFlo Lift Pump with integral fuel level sender
• Filter base with Donaldson (P/N P553203) and provision for optional fuel heater (4-micron rating at 99-percent efficiency)
• Water-in-fuel sensor
• Chassis wiring harness and WIF sensor extension harness
• Fuel sending unit tank O-ring
• Mounting hardware

• Operating pressure: 65 to 70 psi at idle
• This product has been tested and verified to work with 2011 through 2016 trucks equipped with an S&S Diesel Motorsport DCR conversion kit and the S&S Diesel Motorsport CP4 Disaster Prevention Kit.
• This product has been confirmed to fit Titan and S&B aftermarket fuel tanks.

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