Video: Installation Time-Lapse Of The Fresh New 3M Wrap On BlownZ

When it comes time to give your race car a fresh new outward appearance, there are two routes you can go — honest-to-goodness paint, which can be costly and a bit of an involved process, or you can have the car wrapped. Of course, paint has always been the preferred choice of most racers for the final finish that it delivers, but these days, those designing and installing wraps have really closed the gap in fit and finish, making it difficult to often discern between paint and wrap without physically touching the car.

After rebuilding our Project BlownZ Street Outlaw Camaro during the winter months, we decided it was time for a fresh new look after running the silver on black scheme the two seasons prior, and it was decide upon that we’d shift gears to a white look with black racing stripes. With the opening race of the season right around the corner, and our wish to make this a non-permenant move, however, we opted go in the direction of a wrap.

So we called up the crew at, one of the top installers of vehicle graphics in the southern California area, to hook us up with a new look for BlownZ. SocalWraps utilized an incredibly sharp 1080P material wrap from 3M for the design and brought all of the material out to the shop to install onto the car — a process that took less than one day.

The Power Automedia film crew documented the entire process in the video short you see here, and we’ll be discussing the design and application of the wrap more in-depth in the coming weeks to give you a better understanding of vehicle wraps and how quality installers are getting the job done in a way that very closely mimics paint, with a quality finish that lasts. So keep it tuned here!

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