Photo Extra: Sick Week 2023 Kicks Off In Orlando!

The sophomore edition of Sick Week, a week-long tour of the Sunshine and Peach states that kicks off the drag-and-drive season, got underway Monday at the Orlando Speed World Dragway with a record-setting — and at times, death-defying — day of track activity.

Veteran drag-and-drive competitor Dave Schroeder opened the festivities with a scary moment, when he lost control of he and Dave Ens’s C7 Corvette Unlimited entry and crashed at nearly 200 mph. Amazingly, Schroder walked away from the violent crash without injury, but left Sick Week without one of its top players. Tom Bailey, the creator of Sick Week and a many-time champion of these style of events, led the way on day one with a 6.24-second pass at a slowing 188 mph. He leads Stefan Gustafsson and his Corvette at 6.55, and Michael Westberg and his S-10 at 6.56 in the Unlimited class and overall standings.

Photos by Steve Baur

The day was headlined by a number of standout, record-breaking runs, including Brett LaSala with a 6.52 from his Ford Mustang, the quickest radial pass and quickest Modified pass in drag-and-drive history; Chad Fegley’s 7.57, the quickest Stick Shift class pass in drag-and-drive history; James McEntire’s 7.850, the quickest-ever naturally-aspirated class pass; and Devin Vanderhoof’s 4.695, the quickest all-time Rowdy Radial pass, and the first in the fours.

Eight cars clocked runs in the sixes, and an incredible 29 cars went 7 seconds or quicker.

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The event will move to Bradenton Motorsports Park on Tuesday, South Georgia Motorsports Park Wednesday, and Gainesville Raceway Thursday, before returning to Orlando Friday to wrap up the tour.

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