This Lingenfelter-Powered ’63 Corvette Is A Total Time Capsule

There’s only one thing that will make a Corvette purest angrier than a pair of dirty white New Balance shoes, and that’s a C2 Corvette that’s been turned into a race car. This particular 1963 split window Corvette is one of the best period-correct race car versions of the iconic Chevrolet sports car that we’ve ever seen.

It’s no secret that most race cars live a pretty hard life. This Corvette is in surprisingly good shape considering when it was built, and how long it was raced. The first thing your typical Corvette expert will notice is this car is wearing a 1967 Corvette front end, rather than the correct 1963 front end. Now, the biggest change to the car is the split in the rear window was cut out and was replaced with the back glass you’d see on a 1964-1967 Corvette. Did that kill the future value of this car, absolutely, but it was built to be a race car back in 1969 and that’s just how they did things.

This Corvette raced during the ‘70s in the Modified Production class at events all over the country. The lineup of engines that powered this car was interesting and they were all built by John Lingenfelter himself. When the Corvette first hit the track, it had a 292 cubic inch small-block Chevy under the hood. The car would also be powered by a 255 and 302 cubic-inch small-block at different points during its racing career. This car also has what was considered at the time to be cutting-edge suspension technology with its DANA 60 rearend, four-link suspension, and coil springs.

You’ll want to watch this entire video we found on the Hot Rod Hoarder’s YouTube channel that documents this cool car’s amazing history.

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