Blain Brothers Debut S550 Mustang For Outlaw 10.5 And Pro Street

Jake and Josh Blain of Blain Brothers Racing, which is based in Port Huron, Michigan, parked their 2002 Mustang to concentrate on growing their business. Once they felt a little more comfortable, they sparked their torches to create their latest ride, this S550 Mustang. The car has been built to compete locally at Milan Dragway in Outlaw 10.5, and in the PDRA’s Pro Street category.

The Blain Brothers are no strangers to drag racing, as both competed in Junior Dragsters when they were younger. More recently, they participated in numerous Street Outlaws races such as the Fastest in America, Cash Days, and the List Race.

“We had an ‘02 Mustang and we did very well with that car,” Jake Blain told us. “We started three years ago on the S550, but put it on the backburner to grow the business until we were a little more comfortable spending the time to build it.”

Previously, the brothers ran mostly no-prep and grudge races, but had a different direction in mind for the new car.

“We are moving into class racing,” Jake Blain said. “We planned on doing small-tire, no prep stuff, but business-wise we felt it was better to get to the next level and run outlaw 10.5 at our local track, Milan Dragway, and Pro Street with the PDRA since the rules are similar.”

“The old car was still competitive, but we felt we could build a better car. We’ve always been Mustang guys. Josh has a 2017 street car and we really like the way that body style looks. We came across a shell and started building it. Three years ago, there weren’t as many out there as you see today,” Jake explains.

With the new car, the brothers opted for a more potent and reliable powerplant. They left the cast iron big-block Ford behind, and moved to a billet Hemi.

“It’s a 4.8-inch bore space Noonan billet Hemi,” Jake Blain explained. “We bought it brand new, but second hand. The old engine was cast heads and cast block. We wanted to go with something all billet, and the big-block Ford didn’t make sense as the Hemi stuff is more readily available.”

The block, heads, and intake manifold are all billet pieces from Noonan Race Engineering, and they are fed pressurized atmosphere from a pair of Precision 88mm turbos. As longtime Big Stuff 3 EFI users, the Blain brothers went with a Gen IV system for engine management.

Driveline-wise, the brothers utilized a Merillat Racing rearend housing and went with a three-speed automatic from M&M Transmission to transfer the 3,070 horsepower that the car recently twisted up on the Moran Motorsports hub dyno.

Michael’s Auto Center sprayed the Jaguar Blue hue that is extremely eye-catching, and Jake Blain will be piloting the Mustang this weekend at Milan Dragway for the first Heads-up race of the year there.

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