New Hydraflow Clamps From Burns Stainless Provide Flexibility


New products are often developed to provide solutions and evolution to existing designs in the marketplace; that’s exactly the goal of these sweet new Hydraflow clamps from the guys at Burns Stainless.

Many hardcore racers are familiar with the Adel-Wiggins clamshell clamp design that has been used on intercooler and fluid transfer connections, and the Hydraflow clamps take the excellent sealing properties of this style of connection and improve upon them substantially with a number of new features.

The Hydraflow clamps include an articulated hinge design that permits a cleaner appearance while minimizing failure points, as the hinge is integrated into the clamshell rather than using an externally-riveted attachment point. This cuts down on potential snags that could be caused when the user is wearing gloves.

The double-pin hinge plate is a definite step up from the single-pin riveted arrangement found on the previous design and allows the user to position the clamp easily, especially in tight spaces where only one hand can reach the joint.

14J21 PictureThe addition of the new integrated latch design reduces failure points, and the new mechanism also makes use of a safety strap that cannot be engaged until the latch is closed correctly, providing visual proof of proper engagement.

The Hydraflow design offers an internal ground wire that also minimizes snagging rather than the external ground straps of the previous Adel-Wiggins design.

Hydraflow clamps provide 1/4-inch of axial flexibility, along with ± 4° of angular movement to allow for misalignment of the joint. The familiar O-ring seals are used, and the clamps work on industry-standard tubing ferrules.

If you’re interested in checking out the Hydraflow clamps, you can do so on the Burns Stainless website.

A clamp in action.

A clamp in action.

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