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PRW Rocker Arms Buyer’s Guide – Tech Tips Included!

Valvetrain stability is critical in a performance engine, withr it's designed for street-style horsepower or heads-up racing. PRW offers some setup tips along with an overview of their products. Read More


ATI, Fluidampr and TCI Offer Expert Damper Advice

Three different damper manufacturers with three different damper designs, but all agree that dampers are necessary to maximize power and ensure engine longevity. Read more on this critical engine topic. Read More


The Spray And Dump: No, It’s Not What You Think

In the world of bracket racing, there are infinite numbers of techniques to master in order to turn on the win light. Learn one of the more advanced maneuvers, the Spray and Dump, before you head to your next race. Read More

Gallery of Speed_007

Wally Parks NHRA Museum Unveils New ‘Gallery Of Speed’ Exhibit

The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum presented by Automobile Club of Southern California announced Tuesday the opening of its new interactive exhibit hall Gallery of Speed. Read More

Ultra Sheath Group

DEI Introduces Ultra Sheath MA Heat Protection For Cable And Hose

Controlling underhood heat is important, especially when it comes to sensitive wires and hose. Design Engineering's new Ultra Sheath MA does just that! Read More


NDRL At Norwalk: Smith, McCuistion, Nave, And Robinson Score Big

Summertime in Northern Ohio means only one thing and that is the annual running of the The Wanda/Akzo Nobel Blue Suede Cruise, featuring the Nostalgia Drag Racing League. Read More


The Stanley & Weiss CTS-V Is Turning Heads in Pro Extreme

The Stanley & Weiss Cadillac CTS-V is alive and well and winning awards already. Despite not making the PDRA's elimination show on Sunday, the team is gaining valuable time on the chassis and learning what it li Read More


Ray Baluch Sets New Six-Speed LSX Record

Ray Bulach is at it again, banging gears and setting records, but this time he has a 76mm hairdryer up front on his feared Chevrolet Camaro. Read More


Derale Performance: PWM Electric Fan Controller Installation

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers reduce cooling fan speed instead of turning the fan off completely. We installed Derale's PWM to maintain a steady coolant temperature without constant fluctuations. Read More


Dark and Daunting: Alan Pennywitt’s Stunning All Motor ’69 Chevelle

Alan Pennywitt campaigns this absolutely gorgeous '69 Chevelle in the Milan Dragway All Motor class, which runs as good as it looks, with 7-second laps compliments of it's Uratchko-built big-block Chevrolet. Read More

Header Armor

Heatshield Products HP Header Armor Reduces Engine Bay Temperatures

Keep the heat in the pipes and out of your face with Heatshield Products' new HP Header Armor. It's designed to reduce underhood temperatures by up to 40 percent. Read More


Event Coverage: 23rd Annual Connecticut Dragway Reunion

Gone but not forgotten! Check out the 23rd Annual Connecticut Dragway Reunion to see 700+ show vehicles and nostalgic drag cars relive the glory days! Click here to read more! Read More


Mike Maggio Makes NHRA’s Quickest-Ever Pro Mod Pass In Sonoma

Mike Maggio made the quickest full-bodied run in NHRA history Sunday in Sonoma at 5.70, also notching what may have been the quickest side-by-side Pro Mod run ever with opponent Marc Meadors. Read More


eBay Find: Way-Cool ’68 Valiant With Elliot-Built Dodge NASCAR Motor

This surviving (and surviving well) '68 Plymouth Valiant, with an Ernie Elliot-built Dodge NASCAR motor for power, is well on its way to terrorizing the streets and the strip with over 700 horsepower on tap. Read More


EFR Series: BorgWarner’s Latest in Turbo Technology

When one of the world’s largest turbocharger manufacturers decides to start with a clean sheet and design a turbocharger for the aftermarket; you end up with one of the most dynamic turbocharger offers available. Read More


Installing Ed Quay’s Sheetmetal Wing On Biting The Bullitt

Improving the on-track stability of Project Biting The Bullitt came down to one important variable – directing the airflow properly over the rear of the car. Read More


Indy’s Most Iconic Moments: The Mongoose Finally Beats The Snake

Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen and Don “The Snake” Prudhomme were two of the fiercest rivals in NHRA Funny Car history. However, for most of the time, Prudhomme came out on the winning end in their legendary side-by-side Read More


Increasing Serpentine Blower Pulley Grip With Carbinite

We get supercharger belt slip under control on Project Biting The Bullitt with help from Carbinite's blower pulley coating. Check out the details of this unique and proven system right here. Read More


Ficher’s Thunderbolt Fairlane, A Tribute To The Experimental Ford

Dan Ficher's racing tribute to one of Ford's most feared musclecars - The Thunderbolt. Built and raced as a tribute to the great experimental drag race only car. Read More


Dragzine Race Report: PDRA U.S. Drags, NHRA At Sonoma

The PDRA's U.S. Drags in Virginia and the NHRA Sonoma Nationals headed up a weekend of racing that also included NHRA divisional action. Read More