Video: NHRA Pro Mod Racer Sidnei Frigo Unhurt In Spectacular Crash

NHRA Pro Modified racer Sidnei Frigo was uninjured in a spectacular crash during qualifying on Friday at the NHRA Spring Nationals when he lost control of his twin turbo Corvette and crashed in the shutdown area. Read More


Radial Fest: Spring Edition 2016 Event Coverage And Gallery

The quickest and fastest radial tire cars on the planet return to the site of the first-ever three-second run, the Huntsville Dragway in Alabama, for another rendition of the Radial Fest. Read More


Tech: Correct Alternator V-Belt Engagement With Powermaster

Regardless if your alternator is brand-new or 30 years old, there are many indications pointing to the effectiveness of your alternator charging system. Read Powermaster's best practices for maintaining it. Read More


LIVE: Radial Fest – Spring Edition 2016

Radial Fest has become one of the hottest events on the drag radial tour thanks to it’s outstanding track conditions and beautiful weather. Records have fallen each and every year at Huntsville. Read More


Mike Gondziola’s Striking New Bickel-Built Pro Nitrous C7 ‘Vette

Canadian racer Mike Gondziola recently debuted a show-quality new C7 Corvette Pro Nitrous car out of the Jerry Bickel Race Cars shop In Missouri, sporting a 959 Sonny's engine for power. Read More


Video: LSX-Powered Dodge Challenger Goes 8s

Any car that runs 8s is seriously chopping wood. This hefty Dodge Challenger does the deed with turbo LSX power. If you don't like it, that's ok. We'd say just don't bother racing it if you can't walk the walk. Read More


Brad Medlock Scorches Outlaw 8.5 At Gateway With 4.69!

Longtime small tire racer Brad Medlock is running wild in the 235/Outlaw 8.5 categories, running a personal best and record of 4.69 at 153 mph on the skinnies this past weekend. Read More


Tested: Nitrous Express Maximizer 4 on our Project C5 Corvette

The Maximizer 4 from Nitrous Express is a sophisticated way to turn your nitrous system from a blunt object into a scalpel. We install it at the shop, then test it at the strip as well as delve into the technology. Read More


Video: European Racer Goes Up, Up, Up And Over!

European racer Dave Nicholls went for a headache-inducing ride at Santa Pod Raceway over the weekend when his 10-second Fiat 600 got more traction that he planned for, going straight up and over on its side. Read More


Race Report: NHRA Four-Wides, RTRA, PSCA, NHRA LODRS

The NHRA Four-Wide Nationals in Charlotte headlined a weekend of racing that also feature radial tire action in Denton, Texas and St. Louis, as well as NHRA Lucas Oil racing in Dallas. Read More


Menscer, Afco Up The Game On Custom Drag Racing Shocks

Menscer customizes private-labeled and designed Afco shock body and parts, a collaboration that results in highly-competitive custom shock packages. Read More


Ingenuity At Its Finest! An Externally-Mounted Roots Blower Combo

This one-off combination built a couple of years ago by Matheis Race Cars features an externally-mounted roots supercharger that's belt-driven off the crank, pulling air from down in the bumper. Read More

Jackson Radials

3.75! – Steve Jackson Shatters Radial Record In Pro Nitrous Camaro

Steve "Stevie Fast" Jackson is no stranger to going fast on small tires. But this weekend, he took his Pro Nitrous Camaro and bolted on a pair of radials and absolutely rocked the small tire world! Read More


Earl’s Performance Plumbing Debuts UltraPro Series Hoses & Fittings

New from Earl's Performance Plumbing – UltraPro series hoses and fittings. Hoses feature a carbon-infused PTFE inner liner that can handle all known fuels, oils, and coolants. Check 'em out! Read More

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 2.47.27 PM copy

Exploring Volumetric Efficiency With AEM

AEM's Volumetric efficiency-based tuning makes best use of an engine's parts combo by delivering the right amount of fuel at the right point in the curve. Read More


Project MaxStreet: 1966 Chevy II/ Nova Build Update

MaxStreet is the name given to our 1966 Chevy II/Nova for the simple reason that it's going to be built for maximum street presence. Follow along with our build progress here to keep you up to date with the build. Read More


Taking The Guesswork Out With Fuel Injector Clinic

We spoke with the experts at Fuel Injector Clinic about the most common questions for replacing and upgrading fuel injectors. FIC's Jens Van Holten takes the speculation out of fuel system modifications. Read More


Tech: Choosing The Proper Bearings For Your Engine

If you are planning to rebuild the engine in your ride, are you sure you know which engine bearings you need? We get some insight from King Bearings to help you make an informed decision. Now, get building! Read More


Ryan “Toaster” Jones Battles Back After NMCA WEST Crash

Ryan "Toaster" Jones, a two-time NMCA champion, isn't immune to race track mishaps drivers face. After a stifling crash hours before the first round he managed to bandage the car together to make the first round. Read More


Protecting Your Asset: Unraveling The Mysteries Of Safety Seats

While there is some debate as to what design makes for the safest racing seat, simply knowing what you need, and how to properly install it in your race car, is half the battle. Read More