Anne McDaniels – powerTV February Babe of the Month

It was a warm, sunny day in southern California, which made it a great day for a model shoot. And with a good looking car and beautiful girl, it made it that much better. Not only is Anne McDaniels a model and actress, she owns her own business. We decided to take her and the Dodge Magnum R/T over by Lake Skinner to get some nice shots.

The Girl: Anne McDaniels
Hometown: Hollywood, CA

The Car: ’07 Dodge Magnum R/T
Owner: Kevin McIntosh

About Anne McDaniels

Name: Anne McDaniels
Hometown: Vista, CA
Hair/Eye Color: Blonde/Hazel
Height: 5’8”
Measurements: 34c-24-35
Occupation: Model, actress, and fitness model

Background on Anne: “I am originally from Wisconsin but I spent 5 years in New York City before moving to LA, so I am now from Hollywood. My ethnicity is Czechoslovakian, German, and Swedish.”

Likes: “I have many likes, but I love cars, motorcycles, sushi, working out, and traveling.”

Dislikes: “I really do not like people that are trying to put on a show or trying to be fake, there is a lot of that in Hollywood. I also do not like slow drivers… again a lot of that in California, and I do not like getting speeding tickets.”

Hobbies: “I love working out and dancing. I do a lot of fitness videos and next week I am shooting a cardio strip tease video for the Crunch, so look out for that.”

Current Car/Dream Car: “I drive a 2008 black Porsche Carrera, but my dream cars are a black Maserati, a red Ferrari Testarossa, and a silver Jaguar XJ220… there are only 16 made. The Sultan of Bernai has one and I also think Elton John has one, I am going to have one.”

Dream Vacation Spot: “I like being active on vacations and I am learning how to ski, so I would love to go to the Alps to go skiing. I have heard they have the best snow there but other than that I would love to go to Turks or St. Barts. I would lay out and get really tan and have Sex on the Beach, the drink of course – Not!”

Favorite Food: “My favorite food would be M&Ms, just plain chocolate M&Ms in the brown bag. Do not add the peanut butter or the nuts just plain ol’ M&Ms. I also love spicy tuna sushi with brown rice and low sodium soy sauce.”

Typical Weekend: “Well I own a motorcycle rental company and we rent out Ducatis, so I would really like to say I relax on the weekends but I really don’t do any of that. The weekends consists of going to the Rockstone, which is in Malibu Canyon. Additionally I will be either promoting and/or renting out the bikes. It’s fun though, I really do love it and love making money, it’s an aphrodisiac.”

Something you can’t live without: “One thing I could not live without would be medication, just kidding. Probably just being around family and friends would be the proper answer, but honestly, the gym. I love boxing and doing boot camp, it’s an adrenaline rush that helps me get through my day and my week. It helps me achieve my other goals because it puts me in a good mind set.”

Three words that describe you: “Anne McDaniels in three words would be ambitious, outgoing, and dangerous.”

Biggest Secret: “My favorite genre of films are horror films. I love Hostel and Jason and all of those scary movies. My secret is, when I get home from a scary movie, I have to have every light on. Then I run to the bathroom and literally pop out with a gun just because I am scared. I have a wild imagination and I feel this human or entity is going to be hiding. So that is my secret, I love horror movies but I am a complete chicken.”

Kevin’s Vortech Supercharged Dodge Magnum R/T

Something you may not know about Kevin’s Magnum: “Although this Magnum looks like a family car, it is actually far from that. While it does have room for my big family, it also has about 463hp.”

Why he went with a Mopar: “I have always had an interest in late model Hemi’s. I liked the fact that it was an up-and-coming muscle car platform with historic roots.”

Future Plans: “The goal when I got the car was to achieve 500 horsepower. With a Vortech supercharger, SLP headers, Diablosport/RDP custom tune, and SRT components, I reached that goal, so there are no future modifications related to horsepower.


5.7 Liter HEMI

• Vortech Supercharger
• Diablosport/RDP Tune
• Flowmaster 409S Force II Cat-Back exhaust
• SLP Equal Length Headers
• SRT8 Brembo Brake Conversion
• Flat Black Powder Coated SRT8 Rims
• Nitto NT555R Rear Tires

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