Darryl Johnson’s Twin-F2 ProCharged Duster Is Back!


Remember this bad boy? Darryl Johnson’s twin-ProCharged Duster is one of the most-viewed feature cars ever on Dragzine, and for good reason. This car, which was built to take on Hot Rod’s Drag Week competition in the Unlimited class, features a bad-ass Steve Morris 572 cubic-inch Wedge engine that makes huge-by-large horsepower numbers on the Morris dyno; in fact, in the video below, Darryl’s engine breaks the dyno.

We heard from him this morning, and he was happy to report that the team has been out testing the Jake’s Performance Fabrication/Steve Morris Engines-built beast with Andrei and the crew at Abel Racing, and is creeping up on the combination slowly.

“We got some really good testing in this past Saturday. We compiled lots of data and still have a few bugs to fix. We only made eighth-mile hits because we were having some misfiring issues and thought the cause was from leaning out on the top end. The crazy thing is, on the engine dyno it ran perfect. On the chassis dyno it ran perfect. At the track we had one solid full power run and ran into some chassis tuning issues. I had to let off but you know I got back on it after straightening her out and she pulled harder than the launch through the lights. In all, this was a great test session and I’m extremely excited that we are coming up on this bad boy Duster tune,” Darryl explained.

Best performances of the weekend were a soft 1.25 short time, 5.12 in the eighth at only 117 MPH, and 9-flat in the quarter at 105 MPH, off the gas before the eighth. If he and his crew can put it all together, it looks like Mr. Larson and Mr. Lutz will have a new contender to deal with. Anyone remember Dan Millen’s burger runs? This thing might just have it beat, and Darryl was happy to share a number of videos of the car in action.

Dyno Pull – 1400 HP

Yes, this is a real street car…

And it does run on the highway!


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