PRI 2017: Chris Wheatcraft’s Wicked 1971 Dodge Demon

Chris Wheatcraft is a lifelong Mopar fan and racer that decided he needed to create one of the wildest doorcars you’ll ever see. The 1971 Dodge Demon that Wheatcraft will be piloting is packed with amazing details and has a paint scheme that you won’t miss at the track, ever. Wheatcraft is ready to unleash his ProCharged Demon on competitors and show them this Mopar has the power to match its amazing looks.

Wheatcraft learned the art of bracket racing from his family after spending years at the track growing up. Racing has played an integral role in his life from spending time with his family, to racing with his wife. “My wife saw that racing is a way of life for me and thankfully she enjoys it just as much. She races with me and now it’s turned into total madness,” Wheatcraft says.

The attraction to Mopar products for Wheatcraft was born out of necessity. Since his father was a diehard Mopar man, he had tons of parts available and that was a blessing for Wheatcraft.

“I got the love of Mopar because it’s what dad had laying around the garage, so if I broke something I had the parts to fix it. So over the years I just stuck with it. My first car was a 1969 Dart that I started to build when I was 14 years old by gathering up parts off of junk cars. I put it together so I could have something to drive to high school. I finished the car right before senior prom when I met my wife so we would have something to go in. The car wasn’t painted nice like this car, it was five or six colors with primer and rust but it ran.”

All of that exposure to Mopar products led Wheatcraft to build a stunning 1971 Dodge Demon that has amazing detail work done to nearly every square inch of the car. “I wanted something from 1971, the year I was born, so this car just worked out perfectly. Dodge didn’t have a lot of body styles to choose from that year and needed something with a good aero package in case I wanted to go Pro Mod racing and this fit the vision of what I wanted to build,” Wheatcraft says.

Advanced Chassis was tasked with building the 25.1E 6.00 Certified chassis for the car. This will allow Wheatcraft to go bracket racing, Top Sportsman racing, and even jump into the Pro Mod world if he wants. The suspension is all custom parts from Advanced Chassis that includes their Pro 4-link with Koni electric rear shocks and Strange Engineering front struts.

To keep everything Mopar under the hood Wheatcraft went with a 532 cubic-inch Mopar mill to power his Demon from Indy Cylinder Head. Inside the monster-sized Mopar engine is a Winberg crankshaft, GRP connecting rods, and Diamond pistons. A set of Predator cylinder heads from Indy got the call to work with a camshaft from Comp Cams, Jesel lifters, and Trend pushrods. Bringing the boost into the motor from the F-3R ProCharger is a custom ADP carburetor.

There are a lot of trick details on the car that you might not notice at first. Wheatcraft added a front and rear camera system to make the car easier to drive while he’s racing or driving around the pits. The Holeshot beadlock wheels are custom made to resemble the Chrysler logo and keep the Mopar theme. The body is 100% removable so Wheatcraft can perform maintenance and clean the car with ease. Even the wiring has been tucked inside the frame to give the entire car a clean look.

Chris Wheatcraft’s Dodge Demon is a prime example of what happens when a racer pours his heart into what he does. This car is a reflection of his brand loyalty to Mopar, and his years of experience racing in one package. If you see this Demon at the track don’t be afraid of the beast, take some time to soak in all of the beautiful details that Wheatcraft has incorporated into this car.


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