The Worlds First True Drag Race-Specific Lamborghini Huracan

You’ve seen Lambo’s at half-mile races, roll racing events, and maybe even a couple on the quarter-mile drag strips around the country, but you may not really associate Lamborghini’s with drag racing. OB Prestige Auto has changed that. Their drag race-specific 2015 Lamborghini Huracan, dubbed “Envy”, is an all out quarter-mile monster. With 15-inch Weld Racing wheels and Mickey Thompson bias-ply slicks all the way around, this doesn’t exactly look like your typical high-end sportscar. Wrapped in Avery Green Chrome and complete with a custom roll cage, Tillet carbon fiber seats, a drag-style wing and a parachute hanging off the back, this 2015 Huracan is unlike any Lamborghini you’ve ever seen before.

OB Prestige Auto is a high-end automotive dealership based out of Quebec, Canada, specializing in exotic, luxury, and performance vehicles. Their inventory ranges greatly, from Aston Martin to Ferrari, and from Rolls Royce to resto-mod muscle cars such as ’66 Impala rag-tops, ’57 Chevy Bel-Airs and even a ’69 Dodge Charger as, of course, the “General Lee”. OB Prestige is performance driven, and even offers a complementary “track day” with the purchase of one of their exotic sports cars, complete with a one-on-one professional driving instructor.

 Haig Kanadjian is OB Prestige Auto Racing Teams’s Director of Operations. Haig has an extensive history with cars of this caliber including 15 years of racing, fabrication, and even as a judge for Formula Drift Canada. Haig handles all of the performance projects and inventory at the dealership and is very much directly involved with the quarter-mile Lambo project. “Envy started out as one of the first quarter-mile Huracans in the world,” he explains. “It’s the only one of its kind.”

Envy utilizes the factory 5.2 liter v10 engine and factory block and heads, but Haig assures us all of the internals are upgraded in order to be able to handle the impressive 1,600 horsepower this car makes. Jason Heffner built a custom twin-turbo kit for this engine with a pair of 76mm turbos producing around 20-30 pounds of boost. The kit is plumbed to a custom one-off billet aluminum intake manifold, which Haig tells us was built out of necessity due to the fragile nature of the factory plastic intake manifolds at high boost. “We are quite pleased to have Jason Heffner as head fabricator on this build — he is a genius and develops all these parts in-house.” A Syvecs stand-alone engine management system is used to fine-tune this set up.

In a quest for adequate traction, Jason decided the standard 19-inch wheels had to go in order to fit a set of custom 15-inch Weld Racing wheels. This required them to completely re-design and custom fabricate a unique suspension for the Lamborghini. Haig told us it took Jason only a matter of a few months to create all of the suspension components on the car, which he adds are, “all custom to fit that specific car, and do not exist anywhere else in the world.”

We’re still in the research and development phase, but things are progressing pretty quickly and the car is extremely fast for just the amount of modification done. – Haig Kanadjian, OB Prestige

The car features Penske Racing coil-over shocks all the way around, which are dialed in at the track by the guys at Penske Racing. Their first time out at the drag strip only required a handful of runs before they had the suspension dialed in and the car was making passes as straight as an arrow. According to Haig, one of the reasons they decided to build this Huracan into a drag car was the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which he commented, “is ideal for drag racing.” With built-in options like launch control and anti-lag, he says, “the performance of this transmission is so much better than that of the earlier Gallardo.”

 Piloted by Olivier, they clicked off a handful of low 9-second runs, right off the bat while he was still getting comfortable behind the wheel. At a Texas 2K event they managed to get the car into the mid to high 8’s on the old 19-inch wheel and tire setup. This is where the decision to switch to a 15-inch wheel and slick tire was made. Envy was the first Lamborghini Huracan to break into the 8-second quarter-mile zone, and with the new wheels and tires currently holds a personal best of 8.02 at 186 mph. Haig notes that the car was extremely consistent, however they weren’t able to squeeze a quicker pass out of it due to extreme heat. This 8.0 run was a Lamborghini Huracan world record until one of their main competitors re-set the record into the sevens shortly after.

“We’re still in the research and development phase, but things are progressing pretty quickly and the car is extremely fast for just the amount of modification done,” Haig says. The team will be heading to Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida, January 24th through the 25th for a test and tune, where Haig says they’re very confident they will get into the 7-second zone. Re-setting the current record will be extremely tough but the guys at OB prestige are confident that they have what it takes to get their car into the sevens and possibly break that record. From there he says it’s just a matter of working toward improving and fixing the next broken part, but most certainly not the end.

“We know what our limitations are, but we’re willing to confirm them. Its never over; we always go to the track, we learn something, we come back and then we better some aspect of the car,” he said.

If you happen to live in the Bradenton, Florida area, you may want to head over to Bradenton Motorsports Park in a few weeks to see this thing in person. “We will be in Florida, also bringing down our Nissan GTR, named “Alpha Queen” that we’re going to be aiming at breaking the quarter-mile world record with, as well,” Haig added. Two very exciting things happening for OB Prestige Auto’s racing team, and we can’t wait to see more from this Lamborghini and the guys over at OB Prestige Auto in 2018.

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