Wolfe, Osborne, Feustel Team Up For ADRL XTF Program

Chassis guru David Wolfe and team owner Ken Nelson may have sold their record-setting and dominating ’90 Mustang Outlaw Radial machine, but if the drag racing world thought they were getting off that easy, they were mistaken.

In a new partnership seeded by Forth Worth-area engine builder Hans Feustel, Wolfe has teamed up with Houston native and car owner Charlie Osborne on a project aimed initially at the ADRL Extreme 10.5 category, utilizing what was originally a Rick Jones-built Pro Stock Chevrolet Cavalier that will of course feature some of Wolfe’s own enhancements.

“We’ve pretty much cut the car off from the firewall forward and it’s all going to be brand new. We had to get the motor and turbos and everything in there, so we sort of started over so we wouldn’t have to work around what was already there,” explains Wolfe.

Motivation for the new mount will come from a 5.300″ bore spacing bullet with twin Precision turbos on alcohol.

“It’s a really nice deal, and we’ve got some really nice parts. It’s going to have billet everything, and it should run circles around the engine we had in the Mustang. Hans is building the engine, and he’s actually going to be the crew chief on the car, so that’s going to work out real good. I’ll still do what I do, but he’ll take care of the engine and tuning.”

Wolfe has been pulling his share of late nights attending to the new machine, and he, along with Osborne and Feustel, hope to have the car on the racetrack and ready for its debut by late August or September.

“It’s hard to pinpoint that because we’ve got a lot of things that have to come together. We should have it finished up here in the next month, and I would hope we can get it out by September. we want to try and make it by the end of this year, and then take a run at it next year and run the whole [ADRL] circuit.”

With the screw blown combos of Dan Millen and Frankie Taylor dominating the Extreme 10.5 category these days, some might think a turbo combination would have a tough row to hoe, but if anyone can make it happen, it’s Wolfe.

“It’s not unattainable – it can happen. You’re going to have to be on your game, but I don’t expect to do any less. Turbo cars are notoriously slow to the 330, so that’s what we’ve got to figure out. We’ve got some plans and some ideas, so we’ll see what happens. If they work out that’s fine, and if they don’t, we’ll come up with a new set of plans and if those don’t work, we’ll come up with another set,” Wolfe explains jokingly.

While sights are presently set on the tough 10.5 eliminator, Wolfe led on to possible big-tire plans in the future, along with an interest in eventually campaigning in the NHRA Pro Modified series.

“A 5.300 motor isn’t legal for Pro Modified, but we’re going to build a 5-inch motor and I wouldn’t mind doing a little NHRA-legal Pro Modified stuff. If we can make it run to the 330, I wouldn’t mind running Pro Extreme, so that’s what we’re going to work on with the 10.5 stuff.”

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