PRI 2011: Crane Cams Shows Us Their Complete Digital Ignition Line

A lot of people don’t realize we’ve been making digital ignition systems at Crane Cams since 1994

The adjustability that comes from running a digital ignition system is tremendous, and is one of the reasons teams and car guys turn to digital systems. The digital ignition systems offer unmatched reliability and gives you adjustments that can be made on the fly. The first digital system was debuted by none other than Crane Camsback in 1994. When we stopped by the Crane Cams booth at PRI 2011 we were reminded just how far digital CD ignitions have come in the short time that Crane has been producing them.

Crane cams showed us their complete line of digital ignitions systems at the tradeshow, “A lot of people don’t realize we’ve been making digital ignition systems at Crane Cams since 1994,” explained Terry Johnson of Crane Cams. “We were credited with being the first company to introduce digital CD ignitions to the automotive industry.”

Advantages of digital ignition systems:

  • Built-in timing retard available with optional Control
  • Optional shock mounts included for race conditions.
  • Fully potted with new, soft urethane for heat, dirt and moisture protection.
  • Delivers higher spark-gap.
  • More HP, torque, and crisper throttle response.

The rev-limiter that is standard on all Crane ignition systems

One of the benefits of choosing a digital ignition system is being able to tune the rev limiter with precision. “We’ve built an adjustable rev limiter right into the ignition system,” Johnson told us. “In 1995 we’ve made that standard on all of our ignition systems, you don’t have to purchase an external module to control the RPM.”

The adjustment is made on the side of the ignition box, and can be tuned by 100 RPM increments. All of Crane Cams digital ignitions systems are completely sealed to protect from the elements. Whatever the application, they have a digital ignition system for you. Crane Cams digitial ignition system:

  • Hi-6 Ignition – Street
  • Hi-6R Ignition – Street/Race
  • Hi-6DSR Ignition – Drag
  • Hi-6N – Circle Track
  • Hi-6S – Towing

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