Holley’s new HP Series fuel systems are designed to take the guesswork out of plumbing a carbureted car – they’ve got a plan for everything you need from tank to float bowl, starting with a 100-micron HP Billet pre-filter before the pump, an HP Billet 125 or 150 gallon per hour pump, 40 micron post-filter, and an HP Billet fuel pressure regulator in either standard or bypass configuration. Tie everything together with your choice of plumbing from Earl’s and you have an easy way to supply enough fuel to support as much as 900 horsepower.

The gerotor-style HP pumps are quieter than traditional vane-style pumps, and they’re compatible with gas, ethanol, and methanol fuels. If you’d rather run a mechanical, Holley also has an HP billet pump with a 170 GPH rating, and a pair of Ultra HP Billet pumps rated to 200 or 225 GPH. Holley’s HP Billet fuel filters utilize a reusable stainless steel mesh element, and the 175 GPH version can be ordered with -8 or 3/8-inch NPT inlets and outlets.

For applications where idle pressure is critical, the HP Billet bypass regulator with idle bleed offers precise control when used with mechanical or belt-drive pumps. All of the HP line of fuel components feature a black bright dip anodized body finish with clear bright dip anodized top or ends for lasting good looks.