Adjusting your distributor can be a bit of a pain, especially when you’ve got to loosen the hold-down bolt, twist the distributor to adjust the timing, tighten it down, and hope you got it right. It can be a spectacular waste of time when you could be doing something else.

However, Moroso Performance Products has come up with an ingenious distributor design. Not only is the shaft and cam gear adjustable depending on your application, but you can lock down the distributor shaft, while still being able to adjust the timing. This means a lot of saved time when it comes to figuring out timing, and this distributor for big block Chevy’s features the same cap and rotor found on their other distributors.

Once you’ve gotten the right timing, it is a simple matter of twisting two bolts under the distributor head, locking it in position minus a lot of hassle. This superior design is a godsend for anybody who is constantly tuning their car and is sick of the same song and dance with old-style distributors.

  • New Billet Adjustable Distributor for Big Block Chevy’s
  • Locks distributor shaft in place while allowing the head to be adjusted for timing
  • Two bolts lock the head in place once timing is set