PRI 2012: ATI’s New T-400 SuperCase And Lock Up Converter Package

ATI Performance Products’ new Turbo 400 SuperCase has been one of the hottest products to hit the market in recent months, even scoring the prestigious “Best Performance Racing Product” award at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. The Turbo 400 SuperCase, developed in-house by ATI over the course of two years, is a cast aluminum case designed to be as durable as the mighty Powerglide, but affording racers the option of a three-speed transmission for their drag racing applications.

ATI’s SuperCase has all sorts of tricks beneath the cast aluminum shell, including some rather trick machining in the valve body with improved fluid pathways that assures great performance on the track. The case has a removable bell housing that bolts directly to the case, and accepts Powerglide or Turbo 400 internal components.

While the SuperCase itself has already garnered plenty of press, it’s the rest of the package — or “coming soon” package — that’s getting the attention here at PRI.

We think the Lock Up is going to be big. his whole deal with the Turbo 400 case has just been awesome for us. – JC Beattie Jr.

ATI launched their Outlaw Lock Up converter two years ago at PRI, and since that time, sponsored driver Chris Rini plus a host of other racers have hammered the record books with the new converter in their cars. It only seemed fitting that ATI would pair the converter and the Turbo 400 case in a package fit for killer performance. They also eliminated nine pounds from the weight of the Lock Up converter with the addition of a billet aluminum back cover, serving to add even more performance to an already potent setup.

ATI will soon launch their T400 Super Outlaw and Super Outlaw Lock Up transmission packages, delivering the race proven technology of the Outlaw Lock Up converter in a complete package with either a two or three speed T-400 transmission.

The packages will include of course the ATI T400 SuperCase with a choice of an AFI 30.1 or 6.3 can, the aforementioned two or three speed option (the Lock Up is available in all three gears), the fast releasing Wicked Quick billet aluminum valve body, a 27-spline, 1.187 input shaft with GM or Ford stator tubes, an oversized Vaco intermediate shaft, the new all-aluminum Super 400 pump, and 2.48 or or 2.10 low gears with options to accommodate customer-supplied ratios. Other features include a lightweight Moroso sheet metal pan with ATI’s skid plate, aluminum lightweight center support, and optional aluminum or steel Direct and Forward drums.

“We think the Lock Up is going to be big,” says ATI’s JC Beattie Jr. “This whole deal with the Turbo 400 case has just been awesome for us.” Just two weeks ago, Mike Murillo rolled to a 6.35 in his Outlaw 10.5 Mustang with a new ATI SuperCase in the car, providing some indication of just how stout these transmissions are going to be. With the addition of the Lock Up converter, the record books had better be on high alert next year.

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