Knowing the levels of the fluids in your engine is crucial in the survival of said engine. If you’re someone that needs to be precise about those measurements, then Burns Stainless is a company you need to contact. To help monitor fluid levels, Burns now offers Gill Sensors for oil, fuel, or water.

We spoke with Paul Cain of Gill Sensors, and he had this to say. “These are a state-of-the-art sensor for monitoring fluids with high accuracy in high-performance applications. There are no moving parts, it is fully programmable, and it’s temperature corrected up to 125 degrees. It is great for extreme-race applications where a high-level of accuracy is required.


According to Paul, when installed in a tank, the sensor can deliver 1,024 increments of resolution of level, versus a float-style device that has a much lower level of resolution. Again, this is designed for those that require very high-accuracy-level monitoring.

We asked if this is something that can be used in applications like a dry sump oil systems, and Paul said, “Precisely. In a dry-sump tank – depending on your application – if you wanted to know the oil level throughout the length of the tank, in terms of the level of oil consumption, this will monitor that level.”


We also asked him, ‘so how is it plumbed into a tank?’, and he told us, “The sensor would need be included in the tank design process, as the sensor is integral to tank design.”

We could see how this could be a great product for drag racers, as maintaining sufficient levels of fluids are important, so if you need to know the fluid levels in any tank you might have, contact Burns Stainless to see how they can help.