PRI 2017: AFCO’s New Terminator SS Spindle Mount Adjustable Struts

Created for the broadest range of adjustment, the new AFCO Performance Group Terminator SS Spindle Mount Strut is designed to fit many OEM-style strut front suspensions. The most poignant of these is the immensely popular drag Mustang. Whether for Stock or Super Stock class cars or a drag radial, heads-up or no prep application, these struts provide the opportunity for adjustable front suspension motion and weight transfer.

“It is a very user-friendly strut when it comes to tuning,” Eric Saffell says. “The Terminator SS Strut uses a large 35mm twin tube piston which gives a very high range of adjustment. The larger piston gives us more surface area. That allows us to have a better ability to dampen and control the front end. The comparably larger piston reacts more quickly to give additional surface area to get valving exactly where we want it to be.”

Click by click, these are double adjustable struts where the compression and rebound adjustments are independent. With the single adjusting knob closest to the shock, you can adjust the compression. By pulling out on the same adjusting knob, you control the rebound motion. This is invaluable when it comes to necessary control of weight transfer in these stock-style front ends.”

AFCO offers the strut in an original ride height dimension of 15.77-inch compressed and 22.3-inch extended size. Additional sets of shock numbers offer a 2-inch lower height.

Saffell comments, “The shorter units can get the outlaw cars down on the ground and still have strut travel.”

You can get these new struts with a choice of steering arms along with caster-camber mounts or bushing mounts. With a broad range of adjustability offered to OEM strut race cars, racers can fine-tune their chassis quickly.

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