PRI 2017: Altronics Puts Weather Prediction into One Sleek Package



Altronics has simplified racing weather stations with their new Performaire Pro Paging Weather System unveiled at the 2017 PRI show.

“This is a fully integrated weather station,” Fred Bartoli says. “The Performaire Pro system has the transmitting component built into it so you don’t have to run a separate antenna. And, one cable comes down to power the whole thing so it’s very simple.”

A custom designed, custom built enclosure specifically made to move the air contains the system. Fresh air moves through the housing propelled by dual internal fans to get accurate air measurements. It is also waterproof so rain does not affect the system.

“It runs into our PC and our Raceworks software drives the whole system,” Bartoli continues. “We’re also working on developing an optional display that you can plug in while you are in your trailer to view all the weather data. You won’t even have to turn on your laptop to look at it if you choose not to, so it really simplifies things.”

The system monitors temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, vapor pressure, percentage of oxygen, wind speed, and more through the state of the art electronic sensors.

The database allows for storage of multiple runs and then uses this data to automatically predict ETs, throttle stop settings, jet sizes, etc. The database is expandable and stores hundreds of runs. They can be separated and labeled for specific cars or tracks.

The Performaire Pro system has an integrated extension pole mount on it. Altronics supplies clamps with the package, but the system works with any size mast.

“With this type of cable, we can run up to 100 feet with it with no problems,” Bartoli says. “That was a little bit of an advantage over our other systems. It is a fully designed molded enclosure and it is going to be a really cool system.”

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